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Version 5 Feature Preview – Time Clock Emails

Above you can see what the Manage Emails screen is going to look like in Time Clock MTS Version 5 (due for release in January 2014). This screen will be available from the Tools->Options menu in the Time Clock MTS Administrator software.and is used to add, edit, and delete emails from the master email list. In the initial release of the new version emails will be used to send email alerts. In the future time clock emails will also be used to allow direct emailing of PDF versions of reports from the reporting screen. It is suggested that you create emails for the time clock administrator, department supervisors, payroll supervisor, and any other employee supervisor. Of course each of these people will need to actually have an email account they can check. It doesn’t matter if this is their work email or a web based email system like... read more

Paying All Time Punches on a Day as Overtime

Above you can see the Overtime Settings screen. At the bottom of the screen are 7 checkboxes called the “Pay Day as Overtime” checkboxes. When one of these checkboxes is ticked ALL TIME PUNCHES on that day will be recorded as overtime (at overtime rate 1) for all employees who record times on that day. So, let’s say your local region has a requirement for ALL hours on Sundays to be paid as overtime then you’d want to check the box next to Sunday. You do not need to check these boxes unless you want to pay all time punches on the given day as... read more

Time Clock MTS – Shift and Overtime Questions

From time to time I get a great email from someone and I like to publish the email (along with my response) on this blog. Here’s one I got today that is mainly related to shifts and overtime. I’ve been using the trial and have a few questions mostly around shifts and overtime. 1) Can an employee be assigned more than one shift? No, Time Clock MTS employees can only be assigned to one shift. 2) In the setup of different shifts, a restricted first clock-in can be set (but no logout?) When the end of the shift time is reached and the user did not clock out, what happens? Is the users automatically clocked out? Does this system keep track and count this as overtime? When does OT start? Can a user on a shift not start early and have it count towards overtime? Time Clock MTS can only restrict clock in by shift. There is no restriction on when employees clock out. Furthermore, employees are not automatically clocked out. In fact, there is no automatic clocking in or out anywhere in Time Clock MTS. All hours worked can be used to track overtime. OT starts as per what you’ve setup on the Overtime Settings screen. Time in excess of shift length cannot be used against the next shift to prevent overtime accruing. 3) When overtime is applied, (after 40 hours weekly), is this weekly OT rate equal to the rate of the daily OT Rate 1? If not what is it? Yes. Weekly OT is always paid at OT Rate 1 The OT rates are set on... read more

Closed for Thanksgiving – 28 November to 1 December 2013

I’m sure you all know that this Thursday is Thanksgiving. We’ve decided to have a couple of days off in the Timesheets MTS Software offices to coincide with this so we’ll be closed from 3:00PM PST on Wednesday 27 November until Sunday 1 December. We hope you all have a happy holiday... read more

Auto Body Time Clock System Review

Matt Petrella, of Petrellas Auto Body in Cortland, New York took the time to send through a great review of our Time Clock Software, Time Clock MTS today. You can find it and many other kind words from our users on the timeclock user review page. I wanted to take a minute and thank you for your assistance with the upgrade on our Time Clock software. As you know we have been a user since 2009. When I took this shop over there was no time clock in place. I immediately knew that I needed to implement a time clock solution. After spending a great deal of time researching the antiquated punch clocks, that sit on a shelf and gather dust. I decided to research and find a software time clock. What was most attractive about your software is that it gave me the opportunity use the software for a demonstration period. After the download, the set up was amazingly easy and we were up and running in no time. We utilize an outside organization for our payroll. The best part of your program is that in 2 minutes can have my payroll report done and emailed out. With the old time clock method, it would take an hour. Another huge benefit that we take advantage of with your product is the Employee Bulletin Board upon employee sign in. I send them custom messages and assign them to a specific job. For me, when I am brain storming in the evening or on the golf course, If I have a thought that I want to share with my employees,... read more

Time Clock MTS Version 4.1.7 Released

Time Clock MTS Version 4.1.7 is now available for download. This release includes three small fixes. The first fix is to the employee leave request system which resolves a problem where some requests could become orphaned from the creating employee. The second fixes up the weekly overtime total on the simple wages report. The final fix limits the accrual rate of vacation and sick time to 1000 hours per unit. This isn’t so much a fix, as more of a sanity check to the numbers that can be entered for accruals. I should add to this that I have entered the final stages of planning for Version 5 of Time Clock MTS. That means that I’ll be limiting releases to bug fixes only until Version 5 is released (some time in January 2014). If you’ve got anything you’d like to see in Version 5 of Time Clock MTS please contact me and let me... read more
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