Free Weekly Timesheet Templates in Excel, Word, PDF, and Google Docs Format

Our free weekly timesheet template is available in a variety of formats, including Excel, Google Docs Spreadsheet, Word, and PDF. It allows you to record up to 7 days of timesheet entries and has room for you to record clock in time, clock out time, time taken for breaks, regular time worked, overtime hours worked, and (of course) total time worked. The two spreadsheet formats (Excel and Google Docs Spreadsheet) are interactive and will do most of the calculations for you so they are the most useful options. The PDF and Word templates are great to print out and then fill in by hand later.

Like all of our free timesheet templates these ones are great as a one off or short-term solution for tracking employee time but you wouldn’t want to use them for a long time. If you do need a real solution for tracking your weekly timesheets then you should take a look at Time Clock MTS. You can install it on one or many computers and employees can punch in and out when they start and stop working. They can even punch in and out of different jobs during the day. The software will then automatically work out how many hours they’ve worked, keep track of the time they spend on breaks and calculate pesky things like overtime, vacation, sick time, and paid holidays. And it does a LOT more than that. There’s a free 30 day trial available so why not give it a try? Oh, and did we mention that if you want to track less than 4 employees on one computer it can be used for free?

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Weekly Excel Timesheet TemplateWeekly Excel Timesheet Template – Excel (xlsx) Format
Download Free Microsoft Word DOCX Weekly Timesheet TemplateFree Microsoft Word Weekly Timesheet Template – Microsoft Word (docx) Format
Download Free Microsoft Word DOC Weekly Timesheet TemplateFree Microsoft Word Weekly Timesheet Template – Microsoft Word (doc) Format
Download Free PDF Weekly Timesheet TemplateFree PDF Weekly Timesheet Template – Adobe Portable Document (pdf) Format


Our weekly timesheet templates are completely free of charge to use for anyone who might find it useful. Use whichever format is most useful to you and feel free to modify them as you see fit! Of course our time clock software, Time Clock MTSis a much better way of tracking your employee timesheets than any of these templates could ever hope to be. Any Windows computer in your office can be used to track employee timesheets and you’ll be able to run your attendance and payroll reports in seconds. No more tedious mucking about double entering data from spreadsheets or paper timesheets. Why not give the trial version a go?.

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