Time Clock MTS and Windows 11


Microsoft Windows 11 is due for release in November 2021 and it brings with it a great degree of uncertainty for the future of Time Clock MTS. Right now we are not sure that Time Clock MTS will run on Windows 11 and more clarity will not come until October 2021 at the earliest. We are currently hoping for the best, but putting in place plans if the worst does eventuate.

What Will Happen if Time Clock MTS Doesn’t Run on Windows 11?

If the software doesn’t run on Windows 11 we will not be able to fix it in a timely or cost effective fashion. In effect the software will be rendered obsolete.

What about the existing users of Time Clock MTS?

Obviously if Time Clock MTS doesn’t work on Windows 11 we will not leave you without an employee time clock. All Time Clock MTS users will have the option to move to our Online Time Clock system for at least 6 months free of charge. The options we have available if Time Clock MTS is obsoleted by Windows 11 are:

  1. Users with current support can transition to Online Time Clock MTS and get a 12 month subscription to that system and we will transition all of your time clock data from January 1 2020 to present to the online system.
  2. Users without current support can transition to Online Time Clock MTS and get a 6 month subscription to that system.
  3. Users with current support who do not transition to Online Time Clock MTS can get a pro-rated refund on their most recent support purchase or software purchase if they wish. Refunds will not be available until after the release of Windows 11 in November 2021.

What Next?

We will be emailing every Time Clock MTS user in the next few weeks with details about transitioning across to Online Time Clock MTS. If you don’t want to wait for your email you can contact us now to get the process started immediately.

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