Small Business Time Clock Software

Computer time clock software will save your small business hours of wasted time adding up manual timesheets and stop payroll errors that are easily made when using old mechanical punchclocks, paper timesheets or punch cards. By saving yourself both time any money you will help your small business grow to where you want it to be.

Computerized time clock software can help you reduce payroll costs by stopping employee fraud such as buddy punching. It can also eliminate time recording and calculation errors minimizing wasted time or money and will help reduce the stress of complying with complex overtime rules. Time Clock MTS will manage this all for you with just a few short steps to set up.

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The Employee Time Clock

The Employee Time Clock

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Why Your Small Business Should Be Using Time Clock MTS

  • As small business owner you should spend your time working on your business and not wasting time manually totaling up paper time cards.
  • To stop your valuable employees wasting time on non value adding administrative tasks by allowing them to punch in and out from any computer within your business.
  • Because your time is better spent on real work than having to worry about complex overtime calculations forced upon you by local regulations. Better that your time clock software handle this for you, automatically and with no fuss.
  • Because every dollar is critical in small business and you need to minimize payroll over-payments and employee under-payments.
  • To ensure that your employees supply accurate time and attendance information by reducing buddy punching and ‘creative’ timesheeting.
  • To allow you to track the real payroll costs in your small business with a minimum of fuss, with payroll cost tracking by department, shift, and by job.


Simple Time Clock Software

Your staff will find our software is simple to use and fuss free. Using Time Clock MTS for your small business will immediately realize efficiency gains and reduce both under and over-payments of your employees.

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Simple Integration

Monitoring attendance and job tracking is instantly made easier and management can see at a glance where your small business is headed. It takes just a moment to print up an accurate up-to-the-minute time and attendance report.

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A Time Clock on Any Computer

Any computer can be used as a time clock station to record attendance data. All employee data is stored in a single central database for instant processing by your payroll department and is easily accessed for accurate reporting.

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Time Clock MTS

A Great Time Clock for Small Business!

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Time Clock MTS

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