Time Clock MTS Release Notes

Every time we release a new version of Time Clock MTS we record what changes were made in that release. You can view the release notes for the current major release of Time Clock MTS below. Release notes from earlier versions can be found on our old release notes page.

Current Time Clock MTS Version: 6.1.7

Version:6.1.7 Released 13 August 2019
-NEW - Added Employee Daily Time Report
-ENHANCEMENT - Changed the way cleaning up old captures images worked, only tries once per day, and uses a different non-blocking method
-ENHANCEMENT - Added 7.5 minute increment for clocking in too early to a shift
-ENHANCEMENT - Added Supervisor Login flag and password for departments
-ENHANCEMENT - Added new Supervisor Login form accessible from the Client software. When logged in a department supervisor can only run reports on employees in their own department.
-ENHANCEMENT - Added keep images for 3 months option for image capture
-ENHANCEMENT - Added 7.5 minute rounding interval
-ENHANCEMENT - Added Seven Eight rounding for 15 minute interval
-FIX - Maximized window setting for client software
-FIX - Work around for situations where registration details are not be recorded to ini file.
-FIX - Extra logging put in place to work out where overflow error was happening on keypad.
-FIX - Get tick count wrap check put in place in database connection test
-FIX - OT2 earnings amount display in 7 reports
-FIX - Time Breakdown Report now displaying rounded time values correctly.

Version:6.1.6 Released 14 February 2018
-FIX - to employee status query if there is more than one note per time punch
-FIX - Time note query for employee status is now grouped by time id
-FIX - fix to updating employee status properly on departmental list view
-FIX - tie breaker sort criteria added for employee status check that returns more than one record
-ENHANCEMENT - stopped checking deleted employees status during employee status check for employee list
-ENHANCEMENT - employee count now combined with employee status query to remove one move required query when filling employee list

Version:6.1.5 Released 6 February 2018
- Enhancement - filling employee list now done via a single query rather than a query per employee. Should greatly improve refresh speed.
- Enhancement - removal of needless database access queries while filling employee list.
- Enhancement - employee status report now generated via atwo queries rather than query per employee. Should improve generation speed.
- Enhancement - database access when checking compliance with license conditions greatly streamlined
- Enhancement - When viewing releaee notes on check for updates screen you are not redirected to the release notes page on our website
- Enhancement - The database keep alive check is only carried out if it's been more than 10 seconds since the last check
- Enhancement - Removed needless second duplicate time check when punching someone in or out.
- Enhancement - Removed parameterized MySQL Date queries. The paramterized queries were making three round trips to the server. Non parameterized queries appear to only take one.
- Enhancement - Added "Click for More Help" link to popup message when Stand Alone Edition running on more than one computer.
- Enhancement - Added HHNNSS and HHNNSS AMPM time format for event based Data Exports
- Enhancement - Changed first time punch PIN prompt to proper styled window
- Enhancement - Changed first admin login prompt to proper styled window
- Fix - replaced all instances of http://www.timeclockmts.com with https://www.timeclockmts.com
- Fix - To crosstab query when loading times to account for multiple time notes recorded against one time punch
- Fix - Status icons on Edit Times now displayed correctly for employees who were in collapsed treeview nodes

Version:6.1.4 Released 20 November 2017
-Fix - Tightened up the routine that checks if there is activity in a report period to stop zero activity employees being reported on.
-Fix - To available sick time / vacation balance when overrided anniversary date was used.
-Fix - Windows version detection code replaced with .NET equivalent that actually works
-ENHANCEMENT - Deactivated employees no longer shown on Missing Days Report
-ENHANCEMENT - Employment type now cached with employee upon first access
-ENHANCEMENT - Employment type now no longer loaded when passed an ID of zero
-ENHANCEMENT - Bulletins assignments now no longer loaded when passed an ID of zero
-ENHANCEMENT - Time Punch Cache created to speed up report creation. Currently is experimental and only turned on for Punchcard, Payroll Summary, Job Punchcard and Working Hours Reports. Cache works for selection of normal time punches, classification punches, and job code punches. It also adds a new crosstab query to check if there are any notes associated with a time to prevent the database being checked for each time punch. Can expect a 70-80% reduction in queries to database during report generation. Speed increases on generation reports seem to vary from between reducing time by 50% to 90%.
-ENHANCEMENT - Time Punch Cache enabled for data export (aggregate and event based).
-ENHANCEMENT - Crosstab query for time notes included in employee selection routine on employee list
-ENHANCEMENT - Crosstab query for time notes included in edit times population routine
-ENHANCEMENT - Holiday collection is now cached for faster access, to stop repeated database accesses, and for much simpler checking for existence of a holiday on a given date.
-ENHANCEMENT - Heading for Total column on Daily Job Time Report changed to Total Cost
-ENHANCEMENT - No more attempts to load Zero ID / Zero Code jobs from the database
-ENHANCEMENT - No more NextJobCode loading for Event Based database exports

Version:6.1.3 Released 2 August 2017
-Fix - Referenced ADO 6.0 Back Compatibility library for pre Windows 7 SP1 compatibility
-Fix - Various issues with installer that lead to DLL referencing problems

Version:6.1.2 Released 28 July 2017
-FIX - Time Clock MTS Client first run issues resolved.
-FIX - Error checking and logging put in for reports to be more obvious when software fails due to malformed font installation on computer.

Version:6.1.1 Released 23 June 2017
-NEW - Time Clock MTS Client can now override the Kiosk Mode setting locally.
-New - Last Person Out Message can now be shown when last person punches out. Set on Display Settings screen.
-NEW - Job Labor Breakdown Report added.
-NEW - Employee list status messages added. Messages shown on employee list.
-NEW - Can now set punch in / out time when manually punching employees in from the Edit Times screen.
-NEW - Active in Period Report added.
-ENHANCEMENT - Employees can now have negative starting balances for Vacation/Sick Time. Can only be set on the Employee Payroll Information screen, starting balances for the accrual schemes themselves cannot have negative starting balances.
-ENHANCEMENT - Warning displayed if starting up Time Clock MTS Administrator program and it's already running
-ENHANCEMENT - If logging in as the admin with the Time Clock MTS Administrator program and it's already running elsewhere you must now log the other computer out BEFORE being able to use the admin functions.
-ENHANCEMENT - Cleaned up the messages for the Stand-Alone and Network Edition when the allowable number of client connections is exceeded
-ENHANCEMENT - Employee list messages displayed on Current Status Report
-ENHANCEMENT - Job name column added to Job Detail Report and format changed to landscape.
-ENHANCEMENT - Replaced various message popup screens with more modern and reliable .NET alternative.
-ENHANCEMENT - Deactivated employees are no longer shown on edit times screen if they are hidden on the main employee list.
-ENHANCEMENT - Hourly rate field can now be exported to event based export formats
-ENHANCEMENT - Data caching system added to greatly improve speed of some reports especially the job based reports
-ENHANCEMENT - Job and PIN entry keypads have been made about 50% bigger.
-ENHANCEMENT - field now available to Employee Header and Employee Details report section templates
-ENHANCEMENT - field added to Payroll Information report section template
-ENHANCEMENT - field added to Payroll Information report section template
-ENHANCEMENT - Adjusted size of Data Field dropdown on Report Settings screen
-ENHANCEMENT - Increased size of Manage Connections screen
-ENHANCEMENT - Replaced Administrator Login screen with more modern and reliable .NET alternative. Also can now display a warning/error message when an admin is logging in.
-ENHANCEMENT - Increased width of vacation and sick time starting balances on Employee Payroll Information screen.
-ENHANCEMENT - Renamed all clock in / out references on Edit Times screen to Punch In / Out for better continuity.
-ENHANCEMENT - ALT-U while logged in as admin gives option to force database updates
-FIX - Deactivated employees are now sorted properly when using SQL Server
-FIX - Zero activity employees not shown on Daily Hours Report when report option selected
-FIX - Invalid Procedure call error on view bulletins screen is now fixed.
-FIX - When attempting to punch an employee in from Edit Times screen without a job code a message is displayed
-FIX - Fixes put in place to stop invalid time punches being created when manually punching employees in or out from the Edit Times screen.
-FIX - Changed labels on Employee Payroll Information screen from "Paid Breaks" which was wrong, to "Automatic Breaks" which is correct.

Version:6.0.13 Released 10 April 2017
-FIX - Fix to display of UNICODE regional currency symbols (like Thai BAHT)
-FIX - Generate MySQL Script button is now displayed correctly
-FIX - Stopped crash in data export when last export run index exceeds available export formats.
-FIX - Debugging added to check why some employee lists are taking so long to display
-FIX - Long punch report only displays employees with punches over 16 hours.
-FIX - Display department now works correctly for client software using folder list. It does not take effect at all for the administrator software.
-FIX - Administrator software not affected by client department only display setting
-FIX - Logging put in place on display bulletins screen to determine why some users are seeing errors on this screen.
-FIX - Hand rolled MD5 implementation put in place in licensing and web extensions system to allow software to run on FIP compliant systems.
-FIX - Main screen label settings are not overwritten when changing database backend types
-FIX - Built target of all .NET systems set to .NET4.0 FULL not client profile for better Windows 10 compatibility
-FIX - All DevX .NET components upgraded to latest version for better Windows 10 Compatibility

Version:6.0.12 Released 1 December 2016
-FIX - Camera system reconnects to camera if it goes idle and there's no USB connection event.
-FIX - Department display dropdown on Client System Settings screen now displays non unicode characters correctly
-FIX - Fixed button styling issues on the Client System Settings screen.
-ENHANCEMENT - Camera settings now only save when image capture is turned on.
-ENHANCEMENT - Camera settings only accessible when image capture is turned on

Version:6.0.11 Released 20 November 2016
-FIX - Camera system now starts correctly if the camera is in use by some other process
-FIX - Fixed another potential cause of the camera window not being the front most window
-FIX - Quickbooks timer file import now handles company names that are wrapped in quotations correctly
-FIX - Fixed up some styling issues with the verify fingerprint screen

Version:6.0.10 Released 9 November 2016
-FIX - Image capture path is now locally stored rather than globally.
-FIX - Old stored image capture path is mapped to locallly stored image capture path on upgrade
-FIX - Stopped multiple camera window messages being sent when re-sizing time clock window
-FIX - Camera window no longer drops into background when kiosk mode is being used
-ENHANCEMENT - Cannot save options if image capture path is not valid.
-ENHANCEMENT - Camera settings database logic simplified for client/admin software differences
-ENHANCEMENT - Added Hide Camera Window setting.

Version:6.0.9 Released 31 October 2016
-ENHANCEMENT - Various fields on the Employee Maintenance screen can now be cleared and are reset to 0 without an error being thrown
-ENHANCEMENT - Can now cancel out changes to Employee Maintenance screen when invalid data entered (like no employee name or id) without an error being thrown
-ENHANCEMENT - Fixed up some inconsistency in decimal places when clearing out values in vacation and sick time accrual fields
-ENHANCEMENT - Threw away the old image capture component and replaced it with an in house developed system. Camera selection button added to Camera Settings screen, images are now captured to JPG format. New camera system should be a lot more reliable across multiple versions of WIndows and with different camera devices, whether they be external USB cameras or integrated cameras.
-ENHANCEMENT - Added ability to re-try internet time server sychronization if it fails on startup without needing to re-start the software.
-FIX - Cached various settings on start up to remove a delay some users were seeing when punching in or out.
-FIX - Fixed an error that was thrown when the Length of Work Week field was cleared.
-FIX - Stop signature block appearing twice in report footer
-FIX - Fixed a problem with image capturing logic.
-FIX - Added extra logging to database backup procedure to work out why some users are getting an error
-FIX - To styling of Clock in / Out buttons when the event fails due to clock change lock or time synch lock
-FIX - Added much extra logging to determine where / why slow clock events are occurring for some users

Version:6.0.8 Released 7 September 2016
-ENHANCEMENT - NTP debug screen now only when holding down the ALT key and pressing N
-ENHANCEMENT - Deactivated employees are no longer shown to employees when checking their own timecard
-NEW - added new data scanning method on Employee List. New setting added to interface settings screen, Match Employee Unique ID. New employee setting added, Unique ID. When a unique ID is set for an employee and you're using the Employee List various data readers (prox card readers, magnetic card readers, bar code readers) can read in the Unique Employee ID and that employee will be punched in or out. Unique ID's can be up to 255 characters long and contain any printable characters.

Version:6.0.7 Released 11 August 2016
-FIX - made version dependent database updates more robust

Version:6.0.6 Released 5 August 2016
-FIX - changed default value and NULL requirements for tblEmployees.blnAlwaysPaySalary
-FIX - changed some logging for SQL / MySQL connections
-ENHANCEMENT - altered the methods by which database updates are applied to check what upgrade path is being taken and the software will now avoid making updates that are not required. Should give a faster

-ENHANCEMENT - Tips button is now hidden when tip tracking is not enabled

Version:6.0.5 Released 13 July 2016
-FIx - Stop connection to MySQL / SQL Server database with invalid license.
-FIX - Fix to software unregistering itself when date was changed
-FIX - Fix to File Permission screen when no DatabaseLoc in config file
-FIX - Removed needless error calls when software starting and database cannot be found
-FIX - Debugging put in to track reason for invalid Network PLUS Key.

Version:6.0.4 Released 27 June 2016
-ENHANCEMENT - Many changes made to database code for reports and payroll calculations to reduce the number of database queries.
-ENHANCEMENT - Added Black and White Reports setting so that reports will (funnily enough) print in black and white.
-ENHANCEMENT - Removed Always Pay Salary setting. After all, if you're not always paying salary then the employee is just hourly.
-FIX - Adjusted column widths of Simple Attendance Report
-FIX - Fixed SQL issue with new MySQL ODBC drivers.
-FIX - Removed queries for non sensical departments and shifts.
-FIX - Adjusted employee object code to stop it querying the database when it was created
-FIX - Fixed Missing Punches report display if there are no missing punches.

Version:6.0.3 Released 2 June 2016
-ENHANCEMENT - Employee enter note screen updated to new UI standards
-ENHANCEMENT - New screen label settings added for Enter button, Clear button, Refresh button, Tips button, and Go button on the enter PIN and job code screen. These can be changed on the Tools->Options->Display Settings screen.
-ENHANCEMENT - Changes made to many screens to allow display of non unicode character sets on the front screen of the software. Screens adjusted include the employee list and keypad, add time punch, edit time punch, insert time punch, add multiple time punches, add/edit department, add/edit employee, export data, report configuration, administrator add/edit time off request, add/edit employee punch alert, add/edit time off request alert, employee enter note, administrator enter note, add/edit employee bulletin, view time audit log,
-ENHANCEMENT - Re-ordered some screen re-draws to stop flickering
-ENHANCEMENT - Adjust column widths of Daily Job Time Report to print reports on less pages
-FIX - Fix put in place for a bad data type for dblApplyAutomaticBreakAfter. Fix only happens if the error is thrown and it seems to be limited to certain Regional versions of Windows.
-FIX - Fixed some regional display issues on the Sick Time and Vacation Accrual Screens
-FIX - Fixed some of the popup tooltip text on the Report Configuration and Export Data Screens
-FIX - Employee comments report now generates correctly
-FIX - Vertical scroll bar now displays correctly on the Edit Times screen

Version:6.0.2 Released 24 May 2016
-FIX - Fix to first run routine of client software
-FIX - Fix to error thrown when clicking Edit Time Note button and no time notes are present
-FIX - Fix to loading an employee SQL when using SQL Server or MySQL
-DEBUG - Extra debugging put in place in load settings to fix suspected regional issue

Version:6.0.1 Released 18 May 2016
-ENHANCEMENT - Checkbox next to employee names on edit times screen can be checked and those employees clocked in or out
-ENHANCEMENT - In/Out Time on Add Time Punch screen now reset themselves
-ENHANCEMENT - Can now add short punches on the Add/Insert Time Punches Screen
-ENHANCEMENT - Jobs can now be entered on the bulk add time punches screen
-ENHANCEMENT - Employee bulletin screen completely reworked. Much faster and easier to use.
-ENHANCEMENT - Registration keys simplified greatly.
-ENHANCEMENT - Internet time checking reworked and reliability increased greatly.
-ENHANCEMENT - All screen user interfaces updated to Windows 10 standards.
-ENHANCEMENT - Size of all screens increased, text sizes increased for better visibility
-ENHANCEMENT - Label sizes modified to better account for users with different Windows DPI settings
-ENHANCEMENT - Last status note now displayed as tooltip if hovering over that region of the screen
-ENHANCEMENT - Changed "No Double Up" overtime calculation method to "No Pyramiding"
-ENHANCEMENT - Badge number report changed to Employee Status Report for better continuity
-ENHANCEMENT - Date selector boxes on Add/Edit time off request screen have added logic for easier data entry
-ENHANCEMENT - Job dropdown on report configuration now allows you to enter the first few characters to automatch a job
-ENHANCEMENT - Import file screens for importing jobs and employees now display all Excel file types
-FIX - Employees with no activity are no longer shown on the Tip Summary Report if the "hide zero activity employees" checkbox is ticked
-FIX - Fixed other periods popup not working when View Time Card or View Payroll Reports popup menus were used
-FIX - Registration system completely re-worked to stop registration details being lost due to Windows updates.
-FIX - Fixed bug in MySQL database creation script
-FIX - Settings changed message when cancelling adding a new employee
-NEW - Report display completely new. Printing format much improved.
-NEW - Reports can be emailed in a variety of formats directly from within the software.
-NEW - Reports can be exported to a variety of different formats directly from within the software.
-NEW - Text size on employee list increased for better visibility. New "extra large" text size added.
-NEW - Employee Tips now available from Keypad screen.
-NEW - Immediate print option added for Employee Status report, useful if a list needs to be printed quickly.