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The Punchcard Report

Time Clock MTS

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If you’re not using a modern timecard software system then you are most certainly wasting hours of bookkeeping time while they manually add up your employees time card information. Most likely your time card data is inaccurate and unreliable due to poor manual record keeping too! You’re probably experiencing buddy punching or collecting fraudulent employee time card data because of the manual or mechanical time card system that you are currently lumbered with!

Wasting Time

Inaccurate Time Cards

Buddy Punching

Manual Systems

Time Clock MTS is a timecard software solution that will help you to eliminate all of these problems and will actually help you save money right now. You’ll realize instant efficiency improvements by generating comprehensive payroll reports from your employee time card data in just seconds. The reports will be accurate and timely and take into account your complex payroll and overtime rules. Time Clock MTS will allow you to do all of this, and even better it’s so simple to use that your employees can learn what they need to know to use it in just a few minutes!

If you have many employees or a distributed workforce then Time Clock MTS will allow you to record your time card information at many different computers, and collect all the information for processing at a single computer. It will replace your mechanical or manual employee timecard system an allow your payroll reports to be generated almost instantly from a single store of time card information. This alone will give your staff back hours of wasted time every week.

The Edit Punches Screen

The Edit Punches Screen

Why should you be using Time Clock MTS as your Time Card Software?

Save Your Time

You’ll save 5 minutes of time per employee per week, not having to manually work out payroll, and not having to chase employees for their timesheets.

Simpler Time Cards

You can collect your employee time card information at any computer and process and report on it from one location quickly and easily.

Better Compliance

All the complex calculations are handled for you so you’ll comply with local payroll and overtime regulations without any extra costs or headaches.

Stop Overpayments

Time Clock MTS will calculate overtime and hours worked without any hassle and it will get it right. No more over-payments to employees.

Happier Staff

Your employees will get paid for the hours they work and the overtime they’ve earned, no more under-payments and employees unhappy with your payroll.

No More Buddy Punching

Comprehensive security including fingerprint scanning, image capture, employee passwords and a full audit trail so you can stop employees punching in and out for each other.

Know More

See at a glance who is at work, get emails when employees exceed hourly limits, send messages to your employees when they punch in or out, and manage time off requests.

Great Reporting

Quickly generate your payroll reports by department or shift and be able to track and monitor your business costs with just a few clicks of a mouse button

Time Clock MTS

The Easy Time Card Software

Get It NowFree 30 Day Trial

Time Clock MTS

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