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How to Upgrade to Time Clock MTS Version 5

This guide covers how existing users of Time Clock MTS can upgrade to Version 5 quickly and easily. How Are You Using Time Clock MTS? If you’re using Time Clock MTS in stand-alone mode (on a single computer) then you should look at the Stand-Alone Edition Upgrade Guide. If you’re using the Network Edition (on more than one computer) then should look at the Network Edition Upgrade... read more

Time Clock MTS Version 5 Released

After spending the last two months working hard I’m glad to say that today (26 January 2014) we’ve released Time Clock MTS Version 5. This new version includes more than 40 distinct changes in the release notes and takes the first steps toward making Time Clock MTS more “internet friendly”. It also marks the debut of the Time Clock MTS Web Extensions helper program. For existing users of earlier versions of Time Clock MTS who are thinking about upgrading you should be aware that Version 5 makes changes to the time clock database that render it incompatible with earlier versions. So make sure you back up your data BEFORE upgrading. Read More Here. No doubt I’ll be writing a series of entries about the release of Version 5 but I thought it well worth the effort of summarizing the major changes in this blog entry. Key New Time Clock Features Email Alerts – email alerts can now be sent based on certain events occurring in Time Clock MTS. Right now alerts can be sent when a new Time Off Request is raised, when a Time Off Request is approved or denied, or when an employee punches in or out. Green / Red Punch Indication Lights – both the Employee List and Keypad interfaces of Time Clock MTS provide a visual indication of a successful or failed employee punch. Emails – there’s a new screen for managing email addresses. These are used for email alerts but will be used for direct emailing of reports in the future. Client Specific Translations – you’ve been able to adjust the time clock screen... read more

What are the Time Clock MTS Web Extensions?

Starting with the release of Time Clock MTS version 5 we’re introducing a new feature set called “Time Clock MTS Web Extensions”. The Time Clock MTS Web Extensions are managed by a small helper program that needs to be downloaded and installed AFTER you’ve installed Time Clock MTS on a computer. What are the Web Extensions Features? Right now the Web Extensions features are limited to Time Clock MTS email alerts. However, as time passes we’ll be adding new features AND moving existing Time Clock MTS features (such as capturing images via web camera and internet time checking) to the Web Extensions. Do I Need to Install the Time Clock MTS Web Extensions? No. If you don’t want any of the features that Web Extensions offers then you won’t need to install or worry about it. Who Can Use the Time Clock MTS Web Extensions Anyone who is using Time Clock MTS in the 30 day trial period can use the Web Extensions. Anyone who is a registered user of Time Clock MTS can use the Web Extensions if they have a current support contract. Obviously you must also be using Time Clock MTS Version 5 or later to use Web Extensions. Users of the free version of Time Clock MTS cannot use the Web Extensions. Are there Special System Requirements for the Web Extensions? Yes. Any computer that needs to make use of the Time Clock MTS Web Extensions must have an internet connection, it must be using Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later, and if it’s got a firewall it must allow the Web Extensions helper... read more

A Warning About Upgrading to Time Clock MTS Version 5

If you’re an existing user of Time Clock MTS using a version prior to Version 5 and you’re thinking about upgrading to the latest version then there’s a warning that should be considered prior to the upgrade. The first time you run Time Clock MTS after upgrading changes are made to YOUR time clock data. After the changes are made your time clock data cannot be used with earlier versions of the software except for the last release of Version 4 which can be downloaded from the Version 4 Downgrade page. Precaution Prior to Upgrading Backup YOUR time clock database BEFORE upgrading. You can do this via the Time Clock MTS Tools menu or by speaking to your time clock administrator. At least then if you decide that the latest version of our timeclock system is not for you then you can just downgrade to the earlier version and restore your time clock data backup if needed. After Installing the Time Clock MTS Version 5 Upgrade After you’ve installed the Time Clock MTS Version 5 Upgrade you’ll get one more chance to back out. The first time you run the software after upgrading you’ll see this screen: If you’re happy to continue with the upgrade click the Upgrade Now button. If it all sounds a bit scary then you can click the Do Not Upgrade Now button and then head over to the Version 4 Downgrade Installers page. You can download an installer to downgrade your software back to Time Clock MTS Version 4. If you downgrade your software with these downgrade installers you’ll still be able to use... read more

Version 5 Feature Preview – New Time Clock Reports

Time Clock MTS Version 5 will contain a number of new reports and here’s a preview of three of them. The Days Worked Report looks at each day of the report period and tallies up the number of days worked, the total hours worked, and the average number of hours worked on the days worked. This report could be useful if you’re in British Columbia where statutory holiday pay is payable if an employee has worked at least 15 days of the preceding 15 days. The hours payable is the average number of hours worked on each working day in that 30 day period. The Simple Wages – Tips report is very similar to the existing Simple Wages Report but also includes a column showing the net tips received by the employee during the reporting period. Net tips received is the total of the gross tips received by the employee less any tips paid out amount. The Simple Wages – Version 2 report is similar to the existing simple wages report but aimed at employees who do not pay daily overtime. It includes columns for Normal Hours, Holiday Hours, Vacation Time, and Weekly Overtime Hours. It’s important to realize that if you do pay daily overtime or sick time then those hours will not appear on this... read more

Version 5 Feature Preview – Time Clock Email Alerts

One of the major new features that is will be included in Time Clock MTS Version 5 (due to for release in January 2014) is email alerts. Email alerts can be configured by the time clock administrator and will automatically send emails to recipients of your choosing based on certain events happening in your employee time clock. Email recipients are configured on the manage time clock emails screen I spoke about a few days ago. Email alerts are set up on the new Email Alerts screen (see below) which will be available from the Tools->Email Alerts menu from within the Time Clock MTS Administrator software. The Email Alerts screen looks like many other screens in the software. A new alert is added using the New Alert button, existing alerts are edited by double clicking on them in the list or by selecting an alert and clicking the Edit Alert button. Deleting alerts is simply a matter of selecting an alert on the list and clicking the Delete Alert button. The initial release will include three different types of email alerts. The first is a raised when an employee creates a new time off request, the second is raised when the status of a time off request is changed by the time clock administrator, and the final type can be raised when an employee punches in or out (or both). I’ll preview the detailed features of each of these types of alerts in another blog entry in the next week. As we get feedback from Time Clock MTS users after Version 5 is released we’ll be including more types of... read more
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