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Time Clock Software for Libraries

Over 10,000 companies are currently using Time Clock MTS as the system to keep their employees’ time and attendance data properly recorded. Out of the thousands of users, at least 40 of these are libraries. As large libraries have several librarians who work to assist members of the library, keep the books in order and provide advice for anybody who needs it, it can become difficult to keep track of each individual employee. With a good time clock tool, the librarians, cleaners, managers and anybody else working at the library can be added to the system, where data such as payroll, overtime pay and vacation and sick time accruals can be logged. Both public libraries and private libraries must be kept very organized in order to continue to provide a great place for people to access books of all types. Very often, there are thousands of books within a library that are kept in alphabetical order and different categories. Without order, it would be very difficult to walk into a large library and find the books you’re looking for. Just as the books and the appearance of the library is kept perfectly in order, the employees’ information must be organized properly behind the scenes. For anybody searching for time clock software for libraries, Time Clock MTS may turn out to be the perfect system to use. I want to take a minute to let you and the rest of the Time Clock MTS team know that your product is fantastic. For a small public library with too little money and not quite enough staff, your product is a perfect... read more

Time Clock Software for Schools

The amount of companies using Time Clock MTS is growing significantly, and a huge variety of businesses are making use of the advantages that the time clock system has to offer. Among these are schools, universities and other places of education. At the moment, over 200 schools, colleges and universities are using the staff and student tracking software. The time and attendance tool is perfect for places with a lot of employees or just a few members of staff. For example, large schools with many teachers, admin staff and other employees now have the luxury of using software that will calculate payroll, overtime and various other things accurately. You can even use Time Clock MTS to track students and their attendance at school or at lessons or lectures. This is seen in the image below, and here is how to customize Time Clock MTS for schools. A good time clock tool is essential to help keep any business running smoothly. The more employees a company has, the more complicated things can become. Schools and colleges are purchasing quality time and attendance software in order to maintain organization and order. With so many different people and levels of staff within a place of education, it’s important to keep everything running properly. The different levels within a school means that different employees will receive different pay, which is something that a good time clock tool can work out accurately. If you’ve been searching for time clock software for schools, universities or colleges, you might have found the perfect thing when you stumbled across Time Clock MTS! It has been a very... read more

Job Tracking Reports

I got an email today from a user interested in the job tracking features of Time Clock MTS who wanted to know what job based reports were available within the software. Right now there’s a few reports that are job specific. 1. The Job Punchcard Report – this report is basically a copy of the Punchcard Report with a couple of extra columns showing the job name and number that each clock in/out pair is associated with. If a time wasn’t associated with a job then no job code is shown. This report is useful to examine the activity of employees on jobs on an employee by employee basis. 2. The Job Time Report – this report totals time employees worked on each job across the report time period. This report is useful to examine the time spent on each job on a job by job basis. 3. The Active Job Report – this report prints out a list of all active jobs along with their job codes. This report would be useful to print out and pin up next to your time clock stations so that your employees know what job codes to enter into Time Clock MTS when they need to track a job. It’s worth noting that Job Punchcard Report and the Job Time Report can be run for just a single job by selecting a job name/code from the Choose a Job dropdown on the Report Configuration screen. This enables you to see the activity on a single job over the report period very quickly and... read more

Version 3.3.1 Released

There’s been some usability enhancements made to version 3.3.1 of our time card software as well as some small tweaks and a change to sick and vacation time accruals. The details of the changes made to this new version are shown below. The job selection screen now remembers the last window size when it is re-loaded. You can now sort the columns on the job selection screen by clicking on the column headers. Fixed up some minor layout issues on the vacation and sick time accrual screens. Added the “Apply Starting Balance Annually” setting to both sick time and vacation accruals. When checked this will start each years available sick or vacation time with the “Starts With” balance for the accrual schema. Note that this setting will only take effect if the “Carry Balance Forward Yearly” setting is not checked. Note also that the date the balance is applied depends on your “Use Hire Date Not Fiscal Year”... read more

Version 3.2.13 Released

Time Clock MTS version 3.2.13 has just been released. Detailed changes for this new version can be found below. Fixed the Add Employee Tip screen that could leave the bottom employee in the list scrolled off of the bottom of the screen. A scroll bar is now displayed on employee bulletins that are more than 5 lines long. A fix has been put in place to stop the main application window disappearing when a very long report is generated. The same problem seems to be happening when using the Edit Times screen but I’m trying to get to the bottom of that. Stopped the double expiry warning message when in the last 10 days of the trial... read more

Free Tools for Tracking Time and Attendance

This website contains a number of free tools that can make the task of tracking your employee’s time and attendance data much simpler. The first tool is Time Clock MTS itself. If you’ve got three or fewer employees and want to use the software on one computer then Time Clock MTS is the perfect free time and attendance tool. First off, I want to say thank you for making such a great product! This is exactly what small businesses need, and it works without a hitch. We are using the free version because we only have 2 employees (if and when we get more, we are for sure buying it! Its a great piece of software). Sabrina BlacknerOffice ManagerUtah Valley Wellness CenterUtah, USA If you’re looking for something a bit simpler then we’re happy to provide you with our free time clock calculator. This 100% online tool allows you to enter your attendance data for a week and it will total up your number of work and break hours. You can then print your time card for later reference. Finally, if you’re just after a some basic tools to record your attendance data you might like to take a look at our free timesheet templates. These well laid out timesheets are available 100% free to download in several popular file formats including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF. Once downloaded they can easily be printed out and supplied to your staff to record their timesheets. Of course if you’re wanting a more advanced (but not free) time and attendance tool you should take a look at our time... read more
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