Version 1 Release Notes

These are the archived release notes for Version 1 of Time Clock MTS. If you want to see the release notes for the current version of Time Clock MTS then you should look here.

Version:1.7.4 Released 10 June 2008
-Message about last release of Version 1 of software added

Version:1.7.3 Released 24 May 2008
-Fix to NTP time checking for Colorado time servers
-Changed NTP query time to 30 minutes
-Changed NTP timeout to 10 seconds
-NTP time checking is now off by default

Version:1.7.2 Released 20 May 2008
-Automatic update checking
-Pull down release notes from server on checking for update
-Catch excel not installed error rather than displaying error
-Fix to Vacation accrual when accrual start date was in the future
-Fix to Sick Time accrual when accrual start date was in the future

Version:1.7.1 Released 14 May 2008
-Code to prevent second instance of software being run on the same PC
-Added new setting to vacation and sick time accruals to allow the hire date to be used as the roll over date rather than the fiscal year
-New setting to allow report times to be in decimal hours or hours and minutes, found on the options->Display Settings page

Version:1.7.0 Released 6 May 2008
-Another fix to over flow bug, hope I've got it this time
-Fix to computers that are not returning a regional currency or decimal symbol

Version:1.6.9 Released 1 May 2008
-Fix to NTP Time Setting (again)

Version:1.6.8 Released 29 April 2008
-Optimization of employee list loading speed, should give about a 30% speed increase
-Change to NTP Time Server connection code to try to fix connection errors some people are receiving
-Fix to installer for admin program, client program, and program update installer to set permissions on the program data directory so that the program data directory can be read by limited user accounts fixing up the File Not Found 52 error.
-Fix to Client program not installing new license code correctly when the initial license was for zero clients (say an expired trial)

Version:1.6.7 Released 23 April 2008
-Logging for invalid procedure error on options screen

Version:1.6.6 Released 8 April 2008
-Fix to change state button on edit times screen

Version:1.6.5 Released 5 April 2008
-Fix to invalid property error on report configuration screen

Version:1.6.4 Released 3 April 2008
-Removed Edit Times option from View Information button as this was causing the Add/Delete times button on the Edit Times screen not to work

Version:1.6.3 Released 26 March 2008
-Add Time and Delete Time buttons on edit times screen are now proper drop down buttons
-Disabled employees are now only displayed when logged in as the administrator
-A large amount of additional debugging code to try to pick up the sources of 3 rarely occurring bugs

Version:1.6.2 Released 17 March 2008
-Fix to remembering screen position for dual screen systems where you have gone from a dual screen system to a single screen setup and the software positions itself off of the screen.
-If you have MS Access you can now password protect the database and Time Clock MTS will prompt you for the password the first time you connect to it.
-Fix to client program so you can no longer edit times from the client program (this should never have been there)
-More extra logging to try to track down missing field error some users are experiencing
-Registration screen now accessible from Time Clock MTS Client program

Version:1.6.1 Released 4 March 2008
-Extra logging to try to track down missing field error some users are experiencing
-Fix to employees viewing reports that could still export the report to a TAB delimited file

Version:1.6.0 Released 28 February 2008
-Fix to overflow error
-Software can now use an Internet Time Server (NTP server) to derive all times from rather than the more insecure method of using the local PC system clock.
-Fix to printing where only the last printer in the list would be selected, rather than remembering the last printer you used to print a report.