Time Clock MTS Version 4.1.7 Released

Time Clock MTS Version 4.1.7 is now available for download. This release includes three small fixes. The first fix is to the employee leave request system which resolves a problem where some requests could become orphaned from the creating employee. The second fixes up the weekly overtime total on the simple wages report. The final fix limits the accrual rate of vacation and sick time to 1000 hours per unit. This isn’t so much a fix, as more of a sanity check to the numbers that can be entered for accruals.

I should add to this that I have entered the final stages of planning for Version 5 of Time Clock MTS. That means that I’ll be limiting releases to bug fixes only until Version 5 is released (some time in January 2014). If you’ve got anything you’d like to see in Version 5 of Time Clock MTS please contact me and let me know.

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