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Save money, time, and needless payroll headaches with Time Clock MTS

Every day tens of thousands of employees clock in and out with Time Clock MTS allowing their employers to save money and time processing their payroll and concentrate on running their business better. If you’re not using Time Clock MTS as your employee clock in software then you’re missing out on saving real dollars.

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The Employee Clock In Screen

The Employee Clock In Screen

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Lower Costs Now

A computer clock in system like Time Clock MTS will save you money by stopping employees clocking and out for each other, it’ll save you time by performing complex overtime calculations, and reducing payroll overpayments.

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Free Your Time

Our Clock In Out Software will pay for itself in just days or weeks by freeing your time from chasing employees for their clock in cards and stopping you having to perform manual time card calculations.

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Clock In or Out Anywhere

Any Windows computer in your office, factory, or store can be used as an employee clock in system. Payroll and administrative staff can report on your clockin data quickly and easily in seconds rather than hours or days.

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Stop Employees Clocking in and out for Each Other

This screen is used to enroll an employee's fingerprint.

Enroll Time Clock Fingerprints

Employees who clock in and out for each other is a real problem that could be costing a business hundreds of dollars a day. Our clock in software for employees can quickly reduce or completely eliminate the problem of clock in fraud almost immediately. Time Clock MTS can require employees to clock in with a magnetic swipe card, a bar code badge, or even an RFID tag and using our own secure time server you can prevent employees changing their clock in times. Alternatively you could use our employee PIN system and even take a web camera image of your employees when they clock in or out.

For the best solution to reduce time clock fraud Time Clock MTS can be used with a fingerprint scanner to ensure that when your employees clock in they really are who they say they are!

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Track More than Employee Time

Track Job Clock Ins

Have your employees clock in and out of jobs using Time Clock MTS so that you can track what they are working on during the day. Our reporting system will then show you your real job and labor costs in just a few seconds.

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Employee Time Off Requests

Your employees can use Time Clock MTS to request time off which you can then approve or deny. Time Clock MTS will then allow you to save time by quickly and easily generating the employee clock in and outs for the requested time off period.

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You could be Using Our Clock In Software for Free

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Free Employee Clock In Software

Our clockin software can be had for free. Yes, free. There’s just two conditions, use it as a clock in system for less than four employees and use it on just one computer. If you can stick with both of these conditions then just go ahead and download Time Clock MTS now and start tracking your employee attendance. Once the 30 day trial is up it will change to free mode without you having to do a thing.

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Free 30 Day Trial

Time Clock MTS can be downloaded and trialed without restriction or charge for a period of 30 days. It can be used as a clock in system for as many employees as you like during this time, put on one or many computers in your office, and record as many clock ins and outs as your employees can generate during 30 days. You can also run as many of the dozens of built-in reports as often as you want. It truly is an un-restricted, obligation free 30 day trial.

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Superb Technical Support

A registered user of Time Clock MTS gets 24 hour email support and software updates for one year from date of purchase and a lifetime license to use that major version of Time Clock MTS. We’ve also got extremely detailed and comprehensive online support resources including many hundreds of support blog entries and dozens of detailed how-to-guides detailing how to do almost anything within Time Clock MTS. And of course if you ever have a question then we encourage you to Contact Us at any time.

Value for Money

Time Clock MTS costs just $99 (US) to install on one computer and track clock in information for up to 500 employees. To have employees clock in and out on more than one computer then it’s only $199 (US) for one administrator computer and 20 client computers. You can see more detailed pricing information by visiting our Shop.

Time Clock MTS

The Easy Time Recording System

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Time Clock MTS

The easy to use time recording software with a fully functional 30 day trial.

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