My Registration Key Doesn’t Work in the Latest Version of Time Clock MTS

If you’re a long time user of Time Clock MTS you might find that you have to re-install Time Clock MTS. This might be because your computer crashes, you get a new computer, or perhaps you just need to move Time Clock MTS to a new computer. If you didn’t save the Time Clock MTS installation files when you purchased Time Clock MTS you can still download old versions of the software from here.

However, if you’ve installed the latest version of the software you might find that your old registration key doesn’t work. That’s because we’ve completely thrown out the old registration key system and replaced it with something a lot easier to use. You no longer need to enter the number of employees or clients, just your registration name and registration key. You might be eligible for a free registration upgrade to Time Clock MTS Version 6. You can check that on the:

Time Clock MTS Version 6 Registration Key Page

Just enter your old registration key into the form on that page and if you’re eligible for a free upgrade you’ll be shown your new registration key.


What to do Next

If you’re not entitled to a free upgrade to Time Clock MTS Version 6 then you’ve got two options. You can either purchase an upgrade at a significant discount or you can downgrade Time Clock MTS to the last version 5 release where your registration keys may still work.

Purchasing an Upgrade

To purchase an upgrade at a discount please visit the Version 6 Upgrade Page where you can get access to discounted pricing using your old Time Clock MTS registration key. If you do not know your registration key contact us and let us know your company name or original Time Clock MTS purchase reference. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can with a coupon code you can use to make your upgrade purchase. If you do purchase an upgrade you’ll also be entitled to another year of email support.

Downgrading Time Clock MTS

Downgrading Time Clock MTS from Version 6 to the last release of Version 5 is fairly simple. You just need to have Time Clock MTS Version 6 installed on a computer and then visit the Version 5 Downgrade Installers Page. On this page you can download an installer for the Time Clock MTS Administrator program and the Time Clock MTS Client program to downgrade from Version 6 to the last release of Version 5. Note these installers will only work if you upgraded to version 6 from an earlier version. If you want to do a clean install of Version 5 you can find old installation files here.

I Want to Downgrade to Time Clock MTS to a Version Before 5

Installers for some earlier versions of Time Clock MTS can still be found here.

Help I’ve Lost my Registration Key Completely

If you’re trying to re-install Time Clock MTS altogether and you’ve lost your registration keys (for whatever reason) remember that you can retrieve them yourself on our lost registration keys page.

A Gentle Reminder

Remember that when you purchased Time Clock MTS it included an entitlement to a year of technical email support from us. If you’re coming back to us several years after purchasing with technical support requests (and that includes getting us to chase up your registration keys or purchase invoices or references) and you’ve chosen not to renew your support contract then you’ll have to renew before we can help you. The cost is fairly nominal $25 (US) for the Stand Alone Version and for $50 (US) the Network Edition) and realize that not only will we help you out with your immediate query but we’ll help you out during the next 12 months with any other issues.

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