Version 3 Release Notes

These are the archived release notes for Version 3 of Time Clock MTS. If you want to see the release notes for the current version of Time Clock MTS then you should look here.

Version:3.3.9 Released 12 September 2012
-Fix to weekly overtime calculation when a holiday falls in the week and holidays not set to affect overtime

Version:3.3.8 Released 31 July 2012
-When logged into the administrator software as the admin employees can be double clicked and a new form appears allowing users to decide if they want to edit the selected employee or edit their times
-If job tracking is set to compulsory for an employee and no jobs are defined a better error message is displayed rather than just "clock in failed"
-Cancel button added to Enter Note screen. Cancels clock in/out action
-Fixed up a problem with the keypad interface when employee note entry and job tracking were enabled.
-Times on Edit Times screen can now be sorted by date by clicking on the date or time column headers
-Fixed up some formatting issues with the time breakdown report
-Added the long punch report. Reports on all punches that are more than 16 hours during the reporting period.
-Set the default payroll report to the Punchcard Report

Version:3.3.7 Released 18 June 2012
-Disabled all form buttons when on-screen tutorial is active
-Re-established correct interface when on-screen tutorial is cancelled
-Added additional user activated database re-connection re-try when automatic re-connect fails
-Added various catches on the main user form for when the window disappears by itself

Version:3.3.6 Released 28 May 2012
-Fix to time off report, job time report, and job punchcard report where the last time in a period has a clock in on one day and the clock out is on the next day
-Fix to Actual vs Rounded time report that was showing all times as clock ins
-If the fingerprint security option is turned on and the reader is disconnected the scan will not be requested if the administrator is logged in. Only for computers with the administrator software on them.
-If the fingerprint security option is turned on and the reader is disconnected on a computer with the administrator software on it then the administrator will be asked if they want to suppress the fingerprint scanning on that computer for all employees.
-Fix to automatic administrator logout feature that wasn't working when the employee image capture option was selected

Version:3.3.5 Released 16 April 2012
-Re-wrote much of the code associated with selecting employees from the employee list interface. This was to fix up some timing issues with switching jobs. A happy side effect of this is that the number of database accesses in this process is now much less and speed is improved.
-Added <HOURS_DECIMAL> field to export data format. Forces hours to decimal hours.
-Added <EXPORT_START_DATE> and <EXPORT_END_DATE> fields to export data format. Displays the data export start and end dates.
-Added pre-defined (and read only) data export formats. Items added are the Sure Payroll format and Union Bank Online Payroll formats.
-Added grouping for normal and holiday time in aggregate export formats if they have the same rate code.
-Added grouping for OT1 and OT2 time in aggregate export formats if they have the same rate code.

Version:3.3.4 Released March 14 2012
-Added "single employee entry" setting to aggregate export formats.
-Export format header can now be multiple lines

Version:3.3.3 Released 5 March 2012
-Added header setting to export formats
-Fixed disappearing main screen when doing a data export
-Hours on aggregate export formats are now formatted correctly
-Employees that have been disabled are now displayed at the bottom of most lists including the time clock employee list, the edit times employee list and the report configuration list.
-Disabling an employee now just requires a mouse click rather than having to type in DISABLE
-The daily hours report now only runs up to the report end date rather than the end of the work week
-Added a new button to the edit times screen. Allows administrators to clock out the selected employee or clock out all employees.
-Changed Access database connection to ShareDenyNone and locking mode to force row locks rather than page locks. Should increase network reliability.

Version:3.3.2 Released 8 February 2012
-Added job description field to the job selection screen.
-Added the job selection field to the Tools->Options->Jobs screen.
-Added column sorting to the Tools->Options->Jobs screen.
-Added Missing Days report.
-Added Daily Hours Report.

Version:3.3.1 Released 23 January 2012
-Job selection screen now remembers size
-Columns on job selection screen can now be sorted
-Added "Apply Starting Balance Annually" setting to sick and vacation accruals. This setting only takes effect if the "Carry Balance Forward Yearly" setting is NOT set. When set it will apply the accrual scheme "Starts With" balance at the beginning of the year.
-Fixed up some layout issues on the accrual screens.

Version:3.2.13 Released 17 January 2012
-Fix to add tips screen where employee sometimes wasn't displayed if they were the last employee in the list.
-Vertical scroll bar now displayed for very long bulletins
-An attempted fix to stop Time Clock MTS disappearing from the task bar when on the edit times screen or on the report configuration screen.
-No more double expiry warning message in the last 10 days of the trial period

Version:3.2.12 Released 4 January 2012
-Fix to vacation and sick time accrual calculations where report period spans a calculation anniversary
-Fix to the Vacation Taken Fiscal, Sick Time Taken Fiscal and Other Taken Fiscal report fields that were using the current date for calculation purposes instead of the report end date.
-Fix to weekly overtime calculations when a public holiday falls in a week and normal hours worked exceeds overtime limit
-Fix to normal hours display on the time breakdown report
-Fix to holidays total column alignment on the time breakdown report
-Adjusted some of the co-ordinates for the first run tutorial

Version:3.2.11 Released 2 January 2012
-Fix to total work time on departmental wages report
-Adjusted column widths on departmental wages report

Version:3.2.10 Released 2 December 2011
-Job selection screen (accessible from the * button on the job code entry screen) is now sizeable
-Employees clocked in with OTHER time classification displayed correctly for departmental listview
-Fixed report field that was not reporting on other time taken on last day of report period.
-OTHER time is not included in overtime calculations if the Sick/Vacation Time Affects Overtime setting is not set

Version:3.2.9 Released 28 November 2011
-Fix to bug introduced in last version. Prevented editing of existing shifts.

Version:3.2.8 Released 23 November 2011
-Fix to Departments, Employment Types, Holidays, Shifts and Jobs screens. If an item was added to any of these screens and then the edit button pressed an error would be thrown when saving the edited item.
-Added current job to employees who are clocked in on the employee status report.

Version:3.2.7 Released 8 November 2011
-Fix to spelling on fingerprint driver install screen
-Logging added to finger print enrollment screen
-Complete re-build of fingerprint driver package to support 64bit windows.

Version:3.2.6 Released 25 October 2011
-Fix to disappearing application window when generating long reports
-Fix to report field not working correctly on some reports
-Fix to format issues with several report fields

Version:3.2.5 Released October 13 2011
-Fix to least quantity rounding

Version:3.2.4 Released September 26 2011
-Another fix to least quantity rounding.
-Added a "no client idle" setting to the Interface Settings screen. Stops the client software entering an idle state.

Version:3.2.3 Released September 16 2011
-Fix to least quantity rounding for clock in's within 60 seconds of lower rounding limit
-Added extra logging to system startup to help resolve some database connection issues.

Version:3.2.2 Released August 17 2011
-Changed the way image capturing works, should improve the speed of the process and also prevent the wrong file name being assigned to images files due to database write delays
-Fixed layout issue on keypad interface when tips button is visible while logged in as the administrator
-Fixed up some issues with image resizing on the view captured image screen
-Fixed database export format table creation script for mySQL

Version:3.2.1 Released 25 July 2011
-Added new payroll information report section template fields, <TIPS_DIRECT>, <TIPS_DEBIT_CREDIT>, <TIPS_PAID_OUT>, <TIPS_NETT>, <TOTAL_EARNINGS_INC_TIPS>
-Added new accruals report section template fields, <OTHER_TAKEN_PERIOD>, <OTHER_TAKEN_ALL_TIME>, <OTHER_TAKEN_FISCAL>
-Fixed up TAB order on the Bulk Time Entry screen. Haven't I done this before?
-Time period on Edit Times screen is now remembered
-Time delay for clearing clock in / out status on keypad entry screen changed to 10 seconds.
-A missing punch can now be added into the middle of an existing punch. No more need for all that tedious messing about with editing a clock out and then adding a new time.
-Changed tooltip text for the "Allow for Paid Holidays" setting on the Employee Payroll Information screen.
-Added Simple Wages Report - Departmental. Breaks down simple wages report by department.
-Added the time off report that lists off all punches during the reporting period that were time taken off (sick,vacation, and other).

Version:3.1.9 Released 17 July 2011
-Update licensing component to fix "Error while unpacking, code 2.Please report to author." message that some people are receiving on W7 after a recent Windows update.

Version:3.1.8 Released 15 June 2011
-Fix to salaried payments for yearly periods
-Re-ordered initialization code to try to track down the error 52 that some users are seeing
-Error handling for text log file not being opened
-Added date/time stamp to all log entries
-Added windows version as first entry to log files
-Fixed a problem with the switch jobs feature that could sometimes result in a clock in / out having the same time
-Employees currently clocked in as OTHER now show with a purple status icon similar to those clocked in on SICK or VAC
-Automatic breaks are no longer applied to sick or vacation time

Version:3.1.7 Released 30 May 2011
-Fix to simple wages report not displaying times in hh:mm:ss format.
-Fix to formatting of simple wages report.
-Fix to camera image capture path, was setting itself to txtCapturePath (invalid path). Now defaults to the COMMON_APP_DATA/Time Clock MTS/Database directory (usually c:/Program Data/Time Clock MTS/Database)

Version:3.1.6 Released 23 May 2011
-Fix to overtime calculations for 'no double up' setting
-Added a 'more information' link next to the 'first day starts at' setting on the Payroll Settings screen.
-Changed the 'what does this mean' link next to the Use Fingerprint Scanner setting to highlight when the mouse goes over the link.
-Added a "No Job" total to the job time report. Allows you to see what time was spent working on no job.

Version:3.1.5 Released 30 April 2011
-Added setting on Interface Settings screen to change Job: label on main user screens of the software
-Fixed up problem with non printable characters being displayed in reports exported to Excel
-Added late for shift report
-Employee tip totals added to Employee Tip Summary Report
-In some cases the 'show payroll information' checkbox on the report configuration screen was unchecked. This is now fixed up.

Version:3.1.4 Released March 27 2011
-Removed IP address entry for dedicated time server
-Added entry for to time server list
-Added Tip Summary report
-Time breakdown report now displays times in hh:mm:ss format properly
-Changed administrator login check to look at only MAC address rather than MAC and computer name

Version:3.1.3 Released March 24 2011
-Removed dead time servers
-Added new dedicated time server as default

Version:3.1.2 Released 12 March 2011
-Added missing punches report
-Added employee notes report
-Fixed Code to add tips and tip payments table
-Fixed detailed punchcard report with full notes that sometimes didn't display a wrapped note properly
-Fixed up a problem with the main application window dissappearing sometimes when editing times

Version:3.1.1 Released 5 March 2011
-Full time notes now displayed on the punchcard and job punchcard reports.
-Default employee accrual start date changed to employee record creation date
-Popup job list button added to enter job code screen
-Job code selection screen added
-Added new setting to Security Settings screen, "Auto Logout Administrator (5 Minutes Idle)". When turned on Time Clock MTS will logout the administrator if the computer is idle for 5 minutes.
-Added Tips button to the employee list time clock screen. This button is turned on via the new "Tip Tracking" checkbox on the tools->options->interface settings screen.
-Added manage employee tips form
-Added add/edit employee tip form
-Added Delete Tip form
-Added employee tip diary report
-Added employee tip diary summary report
-Added three new settings to the timeclock.ini file, MySQLDriver, MSSQLDriver, and ADODBDriver. All in the [Program Settings] section. To be used with caution. Can be used to overide the driver used to connect to the Time Clock MTS Database, leave these blank to use the default settings. For example you could install the MySQL ODBC Connector 5.1 Driver and change the MySQLDriver to "MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver" to use the new driver.
-Added employee total column to time breakdown report
-A better handler put in place for when a connection to the Time Clock MTS database goes stale. Should eliminate the pesky network error/disk error or table not found errors users get.
-Fix put in place for a very rare error on the Add/Edit Shifts screen.
-Fixed a problem with the employee list view when only disabled employees were defined.
-Fixed a problem with disabled employees still being credited with holidays.
-Fixed a problem with reports where sometimes an old report could be displayed instead of the current one.
-Fixed a problem on the time breakdown report for employees with short names

Version:3.0.10 Released 31 January 2011
-Fix to OT2 Pay that could sometimes be calculated incorrectly on various reports
-Fix to bulk time entry screen where totals and classifications for times 6 and 7 were swapped.

Version:3.0.9 Released 22 January 2011
-Fix to simple time and simple attendance reports that gave a hard crash if time format was changed to HH:MM:SS
-Fix to certain reports displaying incorrect times when "Pay Day As Overtime" flag was set AND the time was classified as OTHER

Version:3.0.8 Released 21 January 2011
-Fix to Paid Holidays Affect OT setting

Version:3.0.7 Released 13 January 2011
-Vacation and sick time balance not calculating correctly for accrual schemes carried forward yearly. Basically the check on reaching the accrual limit was being carried out AFTER deducting time taken. This has been fixed.

Version:3.0.6 Released 9 January 2011
-Total row added to time classification report
-Total row added to simple wages report
-Fix to Excel exports that throw and error when clicking on new Excel window while the export is in process.
-Cursor changed to hourglass when Excel export is in process
-Added new report, Detailed Punchcard Report (Full Notes). Basically identical to the Detailed Punchcard Report but full notes are printed rather than just the first 60 characters.
-Fix to detailed punchcard report, notes for clock in's were cut to 40 characters long instead of 60 characters like clock outs.

Version:3.0.5 Released 21 December 2010
-Added 'password protect' setting to interface settings screen. This will password protect an Excel spreadsheet created by an employee from their timesheet. The password used is the current Time Clock MTS Administrator password.
-Added logging to camera settings screen and live camera display screen.

Version:3.0.4 Released 30 November 2010
-Fix to job based reports, the job drop down box was selecting the wrong job and the report was therefore based on the wrong job.
-Added clock out note to job punch card report.

Version:3.0.3 Released 4 November 2010
-Fix to MySQL Database Creation Script
-Fix to departmental folder view on the employee list when connected to mySQL or SQL Server.

Version:3.0.2 Released 31 October 2010
-Fix to vacation and sick time accrual start balances.

Version:3.0.1 Released 21 October 2010
-Can now select small or large fonts for employee list interface
-Column widths on Edit Times screen are now remembered
-Can now override length of public holidays on an employee by employee basis (for part time employees for example)
-Daily Time Report added, shows all clock in and outs on a given date(s)
-New report section template field added, , shows the actual hours worked for salaried employee who always gets paid their full salary regardless of hours worked
-The password reset screen has been modified to remind users that it is to be used only if you've FORGOTTEN your password, you can change a known password on the Tools->Options->System Settings screen.
-Added a clearer reminder that Time Clock MTS allows for employee PIN's when software is first run
-Time Clock MTS now checks if there's already a database present when moving a database using the Tools->Options->System Options screen. Stops you from accidentally over-writing your data.
-The Bulk Add Time screen now allows for 7 days.
-Completely changed the way you can export times to external databases or payroll systems. You can now define any report format you like using the Reporting->Data Export->Export Formats screen. Data can now be exported for one or many employees across any date range using the Reporting->Data Export->Export Data screen.
-A job number selection drop down has been added to the Payroll Reports screen, you can now run all Job Based reports for just a single job if required.
-A reminder menu item has been added to the client software telling people where all the menus have gone (because the client software doesnt include them).
-Actual vs Rounded Time report added comparing all clock events actual times vs the rounded times across a time period.
-New setting added to the client software to restrict the display of employees on the employee list to a single department.
-Employees that are sick or on vacation are now shown with a purple icon on the employee list screen.
-New report section template field added, , shows the actual hours worked less any time spent away on sick time or vacation time
-Employees now have a local accrual start date. Useful when you want to bring in existing accrual balances for employees.
-Time comment is now shown on the Job Punchcard Report
-Email address added to employee contact details
-Departmental wages report fixed up for badge numbers over 8 characters long
-Fix to Error 401 seen when enabling the web camera on the client software
-You can now just attach the administrator software to an existing database using the Change button on the System Settings screen. Useful for installing more than one administrator computer.
-If the last action on the Employee List interface is Sick or Vacation time this is now shown on the last action label.
-The employee status report has been modified to show if an employee is out on vacation or sick time.
-Fix to job punchcard report where job numbers were not changing correctly
-Job number now shown on totals for Job Punchcard report
-Force overtime setting now working correctly when daily overtime is not set.
-Fingerprint support for Windows 7 added.
-Windows version now sent with all error messages
-Logging added to add single time screen to try to track down where an error is occurring