Renew your Annual Time Clock MTS Support Contract for Free

When someone purchases Time Clock MTS they get a lifetime license to use that version of the software and one year of email support and software updates. After the first year email support (and software updates) is $25 (US) for the Stand Alone Version, $50 (US) for the Network Version, and $100 (US) for the Network PLUS Version. However, there are a number of ways to get your year of technical support for free(1).

Just Talk About Time Clock MTS On Your Website

All you need to do is talk about your experiences (good or bad) with Time Clock MTS somewhere on your company website or blog and it would be great if you included a link back to our website, ( Let us know via Email that you’ve talked about Time Clock MTS and what website and page you’ve talked about our software on and we’ll credit you with a free year of support.

Post a Review of Time Clock MTS on a Review Site

Take five minutes and review Time Clock MTS on a software review site. You could Review it on Capterra, post a Review of Time Clock MTS on CrowdReviews, post a review on our Google+ page, or review it on Download.Com, or better still post a review on your own website. Just write a few sentences about our product, rate it honestly, and email us a link to your review and we’ll credit you with a free year of support.

Mention Us on Social Media

We’d love it if you mentioned us on Social Media, whether that be on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Post your honest opinion about us, link to our website and then just let us know where you mentioned us.

Contact Us and Let Us Know

Make sure that you Contact Us and send us a link to where you’ve talked about Time Clock MTS (your blog, your website, or on social media) or where you reviewed Time Clock MTS online. Once we’ve verified what you’ve written we’ll credit you with a year of free email support and software updates (2).

(1) This offer is only open to paid up licensees of Time Clock MTS. It is not available to users of the free version of Time Clock MTS nor to those using the software during the free trial period.
(2) This offer is for free email support and software updates only. It does not include a free license to use the software.

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