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Freeware Employee Time Clock Software for Three Employees or Less

 Time Clock MTS

The Employee Time Clock

This screen is used to record employee information such as name, date of birth, shift/department, and date of hire.

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Free for 3 Employees or Less
If you want a free employee time clock and you’ve got 3 employees or less then Time Clock MTS is perfect for you. Just download install the trial version of Time Clock MTS with nothing to pay. For the next 30 days you can track the time clock data of up to 500 employees or staff. When the trial period runs out, after the 30 days you’ll find that you can still track the attendance information of 3 employees for free. Best of all, this will never expire and you’ll still get access to regular Time Clock MTS software updates and improvements in exactly the same way that commercial Time Clock MTS users do.

Try It Free

Try it free, fully functional with as many employees as you need for 30 days.

Free Forever

Continue to use Time Clock MTS after the 30 day trial limited to just 3 employees tracked and administered from one computer.


Business Growth

We’ll be with you as your business grows and if you need to track more than 3 employees, then simply purchase a software license.

Small companies with less than 3 employees who want freeware employee time clock software (and who doesn’t love free stuff) will find that Time Clock MTS is the ideal match for them. It really couldn’t be any easier, download and install Time Clock MTS onto a chosen time clock computer and start tracking employee attendance information and running reports. When 30 days is up Time Clock MTS will start operating in free mode and you can keep tracking the time of up to 3 different employees on one computer, free, forever. All without needing to do a thing.