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A key area of concern, confusion and errors in most payroll systems is the determination and calculation of overtime. It is not only a concern that overtime is calculated and paid correctly, but also that the company is complying with local overtime legal requirements. Time Clock MTS provides a flexible and comprehensive overtime system allowing it to suit almost any company.

The Time Clock MTS overtime system includes:

  • Daily and weekly overtime
  • Two different overtime rates
  • Seventh day overtime
  • Allocation of any weekday to be paid at overtime rates
  • Assign any clock in/out to be paid as overtime
  • Include or exclude sick time, vacation time, and public holidays in or from overtime calculations
The Overtime Settings Screen

The Overtime Settings Screen

Employee Payroll Information

Employee Payroll Information

Time Clock MTS is compliant with California Overtime regulations. It can easily be configured to pay time and a half for working between 8 and 12 hours in each day and double time for times over 12 hours. The Seventh day overtime rule that Time Clock MTS includes will also allow you to pay time and a half for the first 8 hours worked and double time after this if the employee works all seven days in a work week. All of this happens by just configuring the software correctly, the calculations happen in seconds when you generate one of the Time Clock MTS reports. No more errors in calculations, no more over-payments, no more angry employees, and no more headaches.

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