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A key requirement of any good time clock software product is that it is secure and not easily manipulated by employees who try to record false or fraudulent time clock data. Time Clock MTS has many inbuilt systems that are designed to prevent exactly this sort of behavior by employees. Employee security measures include requiring entry of employee PIN’s or passwords, computer system clock tamper detection, administrator password requirement on system start and stop, and the option to determine times from Internet time servers.

Time Clock MTS integrates easily with Digital Persona fingerprint scanners for the ultimate in biometric security. Using this option allows your employees to clock in and out by scanning their fingerprints, which will eliminate the common practice of buddy punching.

The Time Clock MTS Security Screen

The Time Clock MTS Security Screen

Employee Image Captured with Time Punch

Employee Image Captured with Time Punch

An additional (and rather novel) feature of Time Clock MTS allows the system to capture an image from a web cam that is attached to the Time Clock MTS PC. This image can be captured on clock in, clock out, or both, and can be easily reviewed from within Time Clock MTS if buddy punching is suspected.
The Time Audit Log Screen

The Time Audit Log Screen

Time Clock MTS also maintains a full audit trail of the time and attendance data it records. This log is fully encrypted and records all data entries and edits whether done by employees or administrators. Employees can also see on their payroll report if the times recorded were entered directly by them or added or edited by the Time Clock MTS administrator. This helps build trust and provides full transparency between the company and their employees.

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