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 Time Clock MTS

The Employee Time Clock

This screen is used to record employee information such as name, date of birth, shift/department, and date of hire.

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Time Clock MTS

The Easy Time Recording System

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Using paper time cards, manual punch clocks, or outdated timesheets to record your employee time and attendance is probably doing nothing other than wasting your bookkeepers time as they have to total up your employee hours. You’ve probably realized that not only are you wasting time, but that your payroll is often innaccurate due to poor employee time recording and calculation errors. The last area of concern is that your old manual time cards and mechanical clocks are prone to buddy punching and other forms of employee fraud.

Wasting Time

Buddy Punching

Payroll Errors

Manual Timekeeping

If you’re looking for an employee time recording software solution that will help you minimize these problems then you’ll find that Time Clock MTS is the right product for you. What’s more, Time Clock MTS will help you save money from day one, due to efficiency gains, instant payroll reporting, and better cost center monitoring and job tracking. You’ll find out that you can get your payroll reports in minutes rather than days and hours and that you can monitor employee attendance in seconds right from your desk. While delivering these real cost saving advantages to your business you’ll find that Time Clock MTS is exceptionally easy for your staff to learn and master. Employees can be taught to clock in and out in just a minute or two while your payroll staff will no longer be tearing their hair out with complex payroll rules.

A key benefit that Time Clock MTS gives you when using it as time recording software is that you can use any computer within your company as a time clock station to record your employees time and attendance data. All their information will then be stored in a single datastore for instant processing by your payroll department. This one key feature will result in you saving literally hours of wasted administrative overheads each and every week.

Client Software

The Time Clock MTS Client Software

Why use Time Clock MTS as your Employee Time Recording Software?

Save Your Time

You’ll save 5 minutes of time per employee per week, not having to manually work out payroll, and not having to chase employees for their timesheets.

Save Employee Time

Your employees can punch in and out from any computer in seconds.  Eliminating the time taken to fill in timesheets and hand them into your payroll supervisor.

Calculation Errors Gone

Calculation errors will be a thing of the past, no more over-payments and unhappy managers and no more underpayments and unhappy employees.

Manual Timekeeping Gone

No more illegible timesheets, no more chasing employees for time cards, and no more spending time entering columns of numbers into Excel every week.

Track More

Track attendance of course, but also track overtime, sick and vacation time, time spent working on jobs, employee tips and gratuities, employee time off requests, and much more.

Understand More

Comprehensive, fast, and powerful reports to allow your management to understand their costs better, and for your supervisors to know who is at work, who isn’t, and why.

Control Better

Knowing your real job costs, your real department wage costs, and having real time attendance information will allow you to control your business better.

Happier People

No more mistakes and less time spent on tedious time recording and time keeping will of course lead to happier staff.  And better control of payroll costs will lead to happier business owners.

Time Clock MTS

The Easy Time Recording System

Get It NowFree 30 Day Trial

Time Clock MTS

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