Time Clock Software without the Timeclock

Time clocks have come a long way since they were first invented in 1888. Many companies have become reliant on them in order to calculate employees’ wages, vacations, overtime pay and many other factors. Nowadays, most businesses look for easy-to-use, hassle-free and cost-effective time clock systems that they can introduce into the workplace to avoid any possible mistakes with calculations.

Old Time Clock System

Old Time Clock System

How did traditional time clock systems operate?

First invented in the 19th century, time clocks were introduced to serve exactly the same purpose that they serve today – recording the hours that employees have worked and calculating the wages owed to each employee.

Traditional time clocks operated with the use of time cards. The cards had areas marked out on them and the employees would punch them to record the hours worked. The employee was the one responsible for doing it correctly; therefore, it was often very easy to make mistakes. As time went by, more advanced time clocks were devised, and these required even more advanced time cards.

By contrast, there were software-based time and attendance tools invented which did not require the time cards. Computers were used instead, and this type of employee attendance system soon became very popular with businesses across the world. The software-based systems immediately reduced the number of errors that were made by employees when clocking in and out.

 Time Clock MTS

Time Clock MTS – the easy time clock system

Mechanical machines have now become a thing of the past for the vast majority of businesses, and computers are widely used in many places of employment. Most of the time and attendance tools that are used today only require employees to either log onto their account, swipe a card or scan their fingerprints.

Why are time clock systems often costly?

Most time and attendance tools are too costly for small businesses to afford. As a result, businesses with small budgets often don’t have the money to pay for a good time clock system. Not only can the time and attendance tool itself be expensive, but you may also be required to buy additional hardware in order for the software to work. This may include devices that are needed to scan ID cards or fingerprints so that the employees can clock in and out.

What makes Time Clock MTS different?

Time Clock MTS is a modern, yet cost-effective time clock tool that is suitable for many types of business. Businesses with up to three employees can use the software completely free of charge. As smaller businesses usually have the smallest budgets, Time Clock MTS is perfect for companies with only a few employees. Larger businesses will have to buy the product if they want to use it for more than three employees; the cost will depend on how many employees the business has and how many computers they would like the software to be installed on.

Time Clock MTS will work on almost any type of computer. There is no need to purchase a recent, up-to-date computer – an older machine will work just as well. Additionally, you are not required to buy any other hardware or products; simply download the software and your employees can start clocking in and out! Test it out by downloading the software for the free 30 day trial before deciding to purchase.