Time Clock MTS and Daylight Savings

Last weekend’s change to daylight savings time highlight a potential problem with Time Clock MTS if you do not have your Windows time settings set correctly. Here’s the steps that had to be taken to see this issue show up:

  1. You’re using Time Clock MTS with an internet time server.
  2. You DO NOT have Windows set to adjust the time automatically for Daylight Savings Time.
  3. To correct the time on the computer you manually adjust the system clock forward an hour.
  4. The time display in Time Clock MTS is now 1 hour BEHIND the time shown on the system clock (see below).

Time Clock MTS clock 1 hour behind system clock

Fixing the problem is simple enough. Just take the following steps:

  1. Set the system time on your computer BACK one hour. It should now be one hour behind the actual time.
  2. Change your Windows settings to allow it to adjust the system clock automatically for Daylight Savings. See the image below for how this is done in Windows 10.

Setting Windows to Automatically Adjust for DST

You should find now that the clock in Time Clock MTS matches the computer system clock.

Time Clock MTS clock matches system clock

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