Why You Need an Employee Time Attendance Clock

We’ve spoken many times here about the benefits of using an employee time and attendance clock but it’s always worth re-emphasizing the benefits an employer is likely to see by the adoption of a computerized time and attendance clock. So, here’s my top 5 reasons why you should be looking to move your current mechanical or manual time and attendance system to a computerized one like Time Clock MTS.

The Free Edition of Time Clock MTS

The Free Edition of Time Clock MTS

  1. Recording Timely and Accurate Data : Your core business isn’t collecting time and attendance data, your business is looking after your patients, serving your customers, making meals, fixing cars, manufacturing valves, or whatever your business does. Collecting employee attendance data should be quick, painless, and take a minimal amount of time to ensure that your employees actually do it.
  2. Reducing or Eliminating Time Clock Fraud and Buddy Punching : It’s a fact of life that there are people around who will try to crib time on their time sheets or have friends clock in or out for them at the work place. A good Time and Attendance Clock like Time Clock MTS should allow you to go a very long way to minimizing or eliminating this costly practice.
  3. Reducing Administrative Overheads : A good Time and Attendance Clock should record accurate data to a central database and then provide this data to your payroll administrators for instant and accurate reporting. Manual tallying of time cards, the wasted time this entails, and the inevitable payroll errors that result should be completely eliminated. Your staff should be able to spend a minimal amount of time processing payroll and be able to focus on what makes your business profit.

    This report gives a summary of hours and gross pay.

    A weekly overtime report

  4. Low On-Going Cost of Ownership : Even if your chosen time clock system produces payroll reports of great accuracy it is useless if it requires hours of training for each new employee you take on board or hours of tweaking by administrators to get it to work the way you want. Your Time and Attendance Clock system should be easy to configure and stunningly easy to clock in and out of. This tool should pay for itself in savings rather than be a continual administrative and training expense.
  5. It Must Grow With Your Business : All businesses go through changes and your chosen Time and Attendance Clock must be able to grow as you do. Time Clock MTS can be used and administered on just one PC for a very small business and can scale upwards to be used on dozens of work stations as your business grows. There’s no need to be changing systems as more employees come on-board.

We’re pretty confident here that Time Clock MTS can deliver strong benefits in all these areas. Try heading over to the Time Clock MTS Quick Tour to learn more about it or go to the Time Clock MTS Downloads page to download and trial the software for 30 days.