Moving to Online Time Clock MTS

We are committed to giving all Time Clock MTS users a functional employee time clock if Windows 11 brings about the end of Time Clock MTS. As we mentioned previously we’ll be offering all existing customers at least six months free use of our online time clock system. If you are thinking about transitioning to Online Time Clock MTS the table below gives a comprehensive comparison between the two systems.

We encourage you to consider this table carefully to ensure the features you need are included in the online system. We also encourage you to consider the much simple process for setting up Online Time Clock MTS and the much lower on-going cost of ownership of the system. Moving your time clock to the cloud removes the continual risk of software downtime due to Microsoft Windows updates and changes.

Are you ready to migrate to Online Time Clock MTS? Contact us now to get the process started.

 Online Time Clock MTSTime Clock MTS
Any web-browser, Windows/Apple/MobileWindows XP->Windows 10
Installation Free?No
Any Device?Windows devices only (pre-Windows 11)
Works on Cell Phones?No
Works over Internet?No
Multiple Locations?No
Multiple Timezones?No
Variable Payroll RulesNo
High Data SecurityModerate
Job Tracking
Vacation/Sick Time Tracking
Multi Level Security?Single Level
Immune to Windows Updates?No
Requires Internet ConnectionNo
Leave RequestsNo
Tip TrackingNo
Fingerprint ScanningNo
Image CaptureNo

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