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Did you know that Time Clock MTS can be downloaded and installed and then used by your company or business completely free of charge and without restriction for 30 days? Time Clock MTS can be trialed on one or many PC’s using the Stand Alone or Network Editions. The trial version of Time Clock MTS can use the normal database backend (MS Access) or the advanced database options MS SQL Server or MySQL.
If you have not purchased Time Clock MTS when the trial period expires then it will switch to the Free Mode, which given that you operate within certain restrictions will give you a free PC Time Clock system forever! Those restrictions? -One computer, three employees for free, very simple.


Three For Free

If your business or company has 3 employees Time Clock MTS is the free punch clock system for you. Why pay for it when it’s free! Trial the PC time clock system for free for 30 days, only buy when your business grows.

Free on One Computer

When using Time Clock MTS as your free PC time clock system you are restricted to using just one computer. You get all the functionality of the software to administer and track time on 1 computer.

Free and Fully Functional

The free version of Time Clock MTS is a fully functional free punch clock system for your company or business. It contains all the security features and report options that the purchased product has.
Operating in free mode, Time Clock MTS is still a very capable and useful free punch clock system, and during the startup phase of a business or for very small businesses it may be the only system you ever need to track your employee time clock information. The free mode of Time Clock MTS will continue forever without charge as long as you never need more than three active employees in the system. If at some later point you need more than this it’s a simple matter to purchase a license for the software and to keep working without interruption!