Easy Time Clock Software

One thing that I’m happy to say about Time Clock MTS is that it’s easy time clock software for a company to implement and run. I’ll take a look at a few reasons why this is the case.

Running Time Clock MTS for the first time.

Running Time Clock MTS for the first time.

1. Simple Setup

For the majority of companies Time Clock MTS will suit their needs right out of the box. The first time Time Clock MTS is run your time clock administrator will be shown the screen above. This allows them to create some sample employees to get started with, to view an in-program tutorial, and to read about various the various time clock security measures that can be taken with Time Clock MTS.

Even better, at this early stage Time Clock MTS gives your timeclock admin the chance to configure some basic settings such as requiring employee PIN entry, daily overtime limits, and retrieving the time clock times from the internet. In my experience these few settings allow Time Clock MTS to be setup to work for most companies.

2. Simple Clocking In and Clocking Out

If you invest in time clock software then it’s vital that the process employees use to clock in and clock out is simple to learn and fast to accomplish. This is because employees clocking in and clocking out is what your time clock system will be used for the most often. The easiest time clock software to use will have streamlined this process to minimize the time and effort required on behalf of your employees. Time Clock MTS offers two ways for employees to clock in and clock out, both of which are remarkably simple and quick.

This report shows who of your employees is punched in and out.

3. Quick and Flexible Reporting

The easiest time clock software for your business will offer flexible and fast reporting so you can get at your employee attendance and payroll data when you need it. It will offer a range of reports and flexible report criteria and it will give you timely information as and when required. Time Clock MTS has a number of different reports, including those suitable for payroll, for monitoring who is at work (see image above), for tracking time spent working on jobs, and for monitoring employee tips and gratuities.

4. Integration of Systems

It may seem a little counter-intuitive but an easy time clock software system will help you to combine,integrate, and simplify your business processes. It will help you to eliminate manual tracking systems for employee vacation days, sick days, sick and vacation accrual, employee tip tracking, employee leave requests, and job time tracking. If your chosen timeclock system includes these sorts of systems your employees will basically have one system to learn that will replace several existing processes. Even better your administration staff will no longer need to maintain these different systems. This will allow your business (and it’s employees) to concentrate more on running a better and more profitable business rather than spending time on administrator tasks.