An Excel Time Tracking Template

Typically time tracking software allows you to clock in and out and track your hours worked against projects. If you’re not interested in trying out fully featured time tracking software then you might find that our free time tracking template for Microsoft Excel could be all you need. Our time tracker allows you to define a list of projects which you can then record activity against. Project times are entered with a start and end time and a break period (in minutes) can be included. The Excel time tracker also includes fields to enter dates and will report on the time spent on projects for the current day and for a selectable date range.If a project time tracker isn’t exactly what you’re looking for then head over to our free timesheet templates page to see if one of our other templates suits your needs.

A simple Excel time tracking template like ours is fine if you only need to track times occasionally and don’t want to worry too much about historical data. If, however, you want to track multiple employee times across many projects and must have instant access to historical time information then you’re going to need real employee time tracking software. Time Clock MTS will allow your employees to clock in and out dozens of times per day against an unlimited number of jobs (read more about job tracking in Time Clock MTS here) and report quickly and easily against some or all of your historical information. If you’re a contractor or sole trader you could even use Time Clock MTS for free on a single computer to track your time spent working on jobs for your clients. You can read more about using our time clock software for free here.


Free Time Tracking Template

Can be opened in Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, and Open Office.

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