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A Warning About Upgrading to Time Clock MTS Version 6

If you’re an existing user of Time Clock MTS using a version prior to Version 6 and you’re currently using Version 1, 2, 3 or 4 then there’s a warning you should keep in mind. If you’re currently using Time Clock MTS Version 5 you do not need to worry. The first time you run Time Clock MTS after upgrading changes are made to YOUR time clock data. After the changes are made your time clock data cannot be used with earlier versions of the software. Precaution Prior to Upgrading Backup YOUR time clock database BEFORE upgrading. You can do this via the Time Clock MTS Tools menu or by speaking to your time clock administrator. At least then if you decide that the latest version of our timeclock system is not for you then you can just downgrade to the earlier version and restore your time clock data backup if needed. After Installing the Time Clock MTS Version 6 Upgrade After you’ve installed the Time Clock MTS Version 6 Upgrade you’ll get one more chance to back out. The first time you run the software after upgrading you’ll see this screen: \ I’ve Upgraded and Used Version 6 But I Want to Go Back To an Earlier Version If you want to go back to an earlier version of Time Clock MTS (perhaps you saved your original installation files) then you’re going to have to restore the data backup you made BEFORE upgrading to Time Clock MTS Version 6. You did make a backup didn’t you? If you didn’t then your data file will simply not work in... read more

Time Clock MTS Version 6 Preview

We’ve been working on Time Clock MTS Version 6 for the last four months and as we’re coming to the conclusion of the testing phase we thought it was a good time to share some screenshots of the new version. As you can see the look and feel has changed completely and the reporting system has been completely re-written. Exciting times... read more

Version 5.1.9 Released

Version 5.1.9 of Time Clock MTS has been released. This version fixes issued in the following areas: Fixed a problem with employee bulletins not displaying as expected when using the MySQL backend. Fixed a problem with some email alerts not being raised correctly when using the MySQL backend. Fixed a problem with the vacation and sick time balances for accrual schemes that carry the balance forward... read more

February 1 Price Rise – Stand Alone Edition

Yesterday the price of the Stand-Alone Edition of Time Clock MTS changed to $99, the first price rise we’ve had since November 2012. To minimize any inconvenience we’re making the product available at the old price of $79 until the end of this month (February 2016). Just use this coupon when purchasing the Time Clock MTS Stand-Alone Edition.... read more

Version 5.1.8 of Time Clock MTS Released

We’ve just uploaded a new minor release of Time Clock MTS that addresses a couple of issues: We’ve finally managed to get more verbose connection messages when connecting to MySQL or SQL Server which should help debugging connection issues greatly! Not sure what I’m talking about? Try taking a look at the Time Clock MTS Network PLUS Edition page. The last release of the software introduced a problem with the report headers for most payroll reports. The displayed date range was one day short for the second and subsequent employees in the report. This has been fixed and was purely a display issue, the actual payroll calculations were still... read more