Ten Reasons Why You Need a Staff Clockin System

 Time Clock MTS

Time Clock MTS – the easy-to-use Staff Clock In System

Here’s the top ten reasons why I believe every company should implement some sort of staff clock in system. This is by no means a comprehensive list but it’s a list of compelling points, you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t use staff clocking software sooner.

1. So you know Who Is At Work.

Any supervisor needs to know which of their workforce is at work at any one time. This will ensure you have the labor present to accomplish the work that is on hand for the day. Without adequate resources your company cannot deliver the products, processes, or services that your customers expect. Good staff clock in software will deliver you this information in just moments.

2. Who is Here? A Key Requirement in a Business Evacuation Plan.

Occupational safety and health requires that in the event of a fire or other disaster an essential part of any evacuation plan is to know who is or is not present within a building or workplace. A functional staff clock in system can provide this sort of critical information.

3. So you know When Employees Get to Work.

Monitoring staff performance is vital for building a better workforce and a better business. One key performance indicator in any work place is on-time attendance of employees. Clearly tracking this KPI is only possible if there is a staff clockin system in place. Knowing how long your employees are at work is vital for calculating payroll. Obviously you can’t determine how long an employee has been at work without knowing when they arrived.

4. So you know When Employees Leave Work.

The natural corollary to the previous point is needing to know when employees leave work. Without this information you cannot know how long your employees are working and you cannot tell which of your employees is performing to standards that you have set for them.

This report shows a detailed listing of time punches and the jobs worked for each.

The punchcard report in Time Clock MTS shows when employees arrive for work and when they leave.

5. Increased Employee Morale.

A good staff clock in system can improve staff morale in a number of ways. Firstly, it can help to reduce payroll errors and the resultant staff frustrations. Secondly, it can provide your employees with more information about their wages, such as vacation owed, overtime owed, and sick time owing. Thirdly, it can provide them with this information quickly and easily rather than making them wait for it. And finally an advanced employee clocking system can provide more than just attendance tracking for your employees. It could provide them with the means to track employee tips, allow them to place and track time off requests, or receive messages directly from your payroll department.

6. To Increase Payroll Accuracy.

Having time and attendance data collected centrally by a computerized clock in system and being able to report on the data quickly and easily can only result in improved payroll accuracy. Accuracy will continue to improve more when you couple this with elimination of the need for double entering employee timesheets, simple automatic overtime and accrual calculations, and decreased administration staff frustrations.

7. To Reduce Administration Expenses.

Collecting employee time and attendance data and processing employee payroll is a necessary function in any business. While neither tasks can add directly to your business profits they can certainly detract from profits if they are done slowly, inefficiently, and inaccurately. An automated time clock system will speed up your attendance data collection. It will reduce the time spent processing payroll and timesheets. And if your staff clock in system is configured correctly it will give you more accurate reports more consistently than any manual system.

8. To Stop Wasting Money.

Excess monies spent on administration expenses associated with tracking your employee time clock data and processing are sunk costs and never recoverable. Clearly a business needs to minimize these expenses so that the cash is available for profit generating activities. Good staff clockin software will reduce your administration expenses saving your business money AND allowing your business to use the cash it does have more effectively.

9. To Work More on Increasing Profits.

The old business proverb says “work on the business not in the business”. As I mentioned above attendance tracking and payroll processing is a necessary overhead in any business. It makes sense that time spent on it should be minimized so that your time can be spent on more valuable things. Such as growing a business or increasing profitability. A decent time clock program that allows your employees to clock in and out easily and eases your payroll processing woes will free up your time to start working on your business more rather than just in your business.

10. To Simplify Your Business Systems.

I’m a great believer in simplifying and integrating business systems. Systems should not be a burden for employees to use (or they will not use them) and there should be as few different systems as possible (or employees will find it hard to learn all the systems). A good time clock software system like Time Clock MTS will allow you to integrate and simplify several business systems. This includes employee attendance data collection, payroll reporting, employee time off requests and approvals, sick / vacation time accruals, and employee tip and gratuity tracking.