The Time Clock MTS Database Exporter

The Time Clock MTS Database Exporter is our tool to export your time clock data to SQL Server or MySQL so you can use the Time Clock MTS Network PLUS Edition with those more advanced database backends. Instructions for exporting your time clock data to SQL Server can be found here. Instructions for exporting your data to MySQL can be found here. The Database Exporter is included when you install the Stand-Alone Edition or the Administrator version of Time Clock MTS. A separate installer can also be downloaded using the link below. Note that the Database Exporter WILL ONLY WORK ON A COMPUTER THAT ALREADY HAS TIME CLOCK MTS Version 6 installed on it.

The Time Clock MTS Database Exporter

Database Exporter Release Notes

Version:1.0.6 Released 13 November 2017
-Added help link to bottom of main form

Version:1.0.5 Released 8 November 2017
-Fixed problem with non 24 hour date formatting

Version:1.0.4 Released 3 November 2017
-Fixed data insert error introduced in last version.
-Fixed problem with text fields that included the rn return characters.
-Fixed a problem with MySQL batch inserting not choosing correct batch sizes
-MySQL Batch Insert method now uses string builder class.
-MySQL now uses string builder class to build create script that is displayed in output window
-Added "Ignore Primary Keys" checkbox to UI. When ticked tables are no longer checked to see if a primary key exists or not.
-No longer include IDENTITY INSERT for tables that do not have a primary key.
-Tool now handles the CURRENCY datatype from Access.

Version:1.0.3 Released 31 October 2017
-Modify sqlserver.cs and mysql.cs to export DateTime fields using ISO8601 format (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS). ANSI format (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS) is supposed to work fine but failed in a Spanish regional installation of SQL Server 2014.
-Fix to createSQLServerIndexes due to case sensitivity of some SQL Server installations.
-Changed createTableData for sqlserver and mysql to use StringBuilder instead of catting strings. Huge performance increase for large data file exports.
-Record counter message added for SQL Server

Version:1.0.2 Released 29 October 2017
-Modify sqlserver.cs to handle numeric fields with null or empty values.
-Modify mysql.cs to handle numeric fields with null or empty values.
-Executable and installer are now digitally signed.

Version:1.0.1 Released 14 September 2017
-Fix to handle the case where there is no installed MySQL ODBC driver

Version:1.0.0 Released 14 August 2017
-Initial Release