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The Job Cost Report

Above you can see an interesting report that was added to the latest version of our Job Tracking Time Clock. The Job Cost Report breaks down the total wages cost for a single job or all jobs across a date range. If you’re running the report for all jobs then time spent working on NO job is also included in the report. The salary costs are split by each employee who has worked on the job during the report date range, and furthermore, their hours are categorized by hour type. This means you can see how many normal rate hours, overtime rate 1 hours, and overtime rate 2 hours have been spent by each employee on a job. Remember that Time Clock MTS allows you to calculate overtime hours in many different ways and with two rates. You could, for example, have a two tiered daily overtime system where any hours worked between 8 and 12 on a given day are paid at overtime rate 1. Any hours worked over 12 will be paid at overtime rate 2. Overtime rates 1 and 2 can also be paid if you setup Time Clock MTS to pay overtime using the seventh day overtime rule. This rule pays overtime to an employee if they have worked the first 6 days of a working week and then work on the seventh day. The first (usually) 8 hours worked on the seventh day are paid at OT rate 1, while any hours after that are paid at OT rate 2. Regardless of what overtime scheme you’re using the Job Costing Report will report the... read more

Lawyer Time Clock Software Review

Michael Satterwhite of Cohen & Associates P.C. sent me an email recently explaining how their office uses our time card software and his personal history with the product. Here’s what he had to say: I have used Time Clock MTS over the past 3 years. I used Time Clock MTS at my previous firm and when I took the position at my new firm I joined forces once again with Time Clock MTS to track our employees’ hours. At both firms, we went from paper tracking of employee hours (what a mess that was) to Time Clock MTS (best decision). The time it took to train our employees on this new software took all of 5 minutes. Just using the basic features Time Clock MTS is a simple and secure solution to tracking payroll. Then when you get into the additional tools Time Clock MTS has to offer, you wonder how they keep their prices so low. This tool saves money, time and resources for our company and I believe it will do the same for yours. Mark Nemtsas has responded to all of my emails within 24 hours and has a solution to each problem (i.e. moving the time clock to another computer, adding employees). Great investment. Great software. Great people. Michael SatterwhiteCohen & Associates... read more

Version 4.0.5 Released

The first release of Time Clock MTS for 2013! Version 4.0.5 includes a minor fix to the layout of the Daily Job Time Report. It also fixes up a situation where a negative balance could result when least quantity rounding was turned on. This issue could only really arise when job tracking was being used and clock in / out times were less than 6... read more

Time Clock User Review – First Church in Cambridge

The First Church in Cambridge has been using Time Clock MTS since 2010. Karen McArthur, a minister at the Church was kind enough to do a user time clock review of Time Clock MTS and let me know what sort of benefits they’ve seen from using it. Our church employs about 30 people — 6 full-time and the remainder part-time ministers, administrators, musicians, sextons, and child-care providers. While some are here 3-4 days per week, others are here for a few hours a couple of times each month.   The time clock software works very well for us because it’s so easy to explain to new employees, and very easy for an employee to clock in and out, even if they’re not particularly computer literate.   For the administrator, the reports work very well for generating payroll and overtime, as well as tracking vacation and sick time. It’s easy to make a correction if an employee forgets to clock in or out.   It’s also an easy way to see who is in the building — even from off site. Rev. Karen McArthurFirst Church in CambridgeMassachusetts,... read more

Version 4.0.4 Released

Yesterday I released version 4.0.4 of Time Clock MTS. This released included a fix to the job totals for the new Daily Job Time Report and fixed up a couple of minor typos on the Vacation / Sick Time accrual screens. I also added a new button to the first run screen to allow new users to view our time clock video demonstration and added a link to the same video on the Help... read more

Version 4.0.3 Released

Our computerized employee time clock software, Time Clock MTS has just had a new version released. This new version adds a new report, some new report section template fields, and includes some debugging code for a crash one user is seeing on one computer. Here’s the changes in more detail. The Daily Job Time Report has been added. This report breaks down time spent day by day, job by job, and clock in by clock in for each employee. Interestingly it also classifies the pay rate (normal, overtime 1, and overtime 2) for each clock in and clock out during the report period. This is the first Time Clock MTS report to do this. Rates of pay have been (<NORMAL_RATE>,<OT_RATE>, and <OT2_RATE>) have been added to the Employee Header and Employee Details report section templates. One user has been experiencing a hard crash on Windows 7 somewhere around a Windows repaint API call. I’ve added some debugging code in this region to try to get to the bottom of what’s going on. The new report was added at the suggestion of one of our time clock users. I’m always looking for suggestions from our users, especially for new reports. Please, if you’ve got any suggestions contact me with your... read more
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