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Time Clock MTS is a cost effective, reliable, and secure replacement for mechanical or manual time clock systems. It is employee time clock software that will reliably and accurately track your employees attendance, calculate overtime correctly all while providing the flexibility that your company needs to run your payroll and attendance systems with a minimum of fuss.
The Employee Time Clock

The Employee Time Clock

Time Clock MTS is extremely easy to use for employees, and can be used with a number of input systems, including bar code readers, magnetic card readers, touch screens, and fingerprint scanners. All information that employees need to enter can be done with a minimum amount of effort and in just a few seconds. Training your employees to enter data into Time Clock MTS can be done in just a minute or two. It really is that simple!
The Detailed Punchcard Report

The Detailed Punchcard Report


The Edit Times Screen

The Edit Times Screen

The administrative side of the software has been developed with real world usage in mind, it is simple to setup and configure the software to comply with almost any business’s payroll rules and is fully compliant with California overtime regulations. Reports can be generated in real time providing you with a real measure of your employee costs, job costs, and what your employees are currently doing.

Time Clock MTS can be run on just one computer or can be run on more than one PC in multiple user mode, allowing you to collect time and attendance data from many locations in your company into a central database. Payroll reports can then be generated in seconds saving your payroll staff valuable time and eliminating data entry and calculation errors. Time Clock MTS will save you money, and in our experience you will realize up to 5 minutes of administrative savings per tracked employee when you replace your mechanical or manual timesheet system with Time Clock MTS.

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