Version 2 Release Notes

These are the archived release notes for Version 2 of Time Clock MTS. If you want to see the release notes for the current version of Time Clock MTS then you should look here.

Version:2.5.11 Released September 25 2011
-Fix to rounding issue for reports displaying times in hours, minutes and seconds

Version:2.5.10 Released 25 August 2010
-Fix to detailed punchcard report (broken in last release).
-You can now clock the selected employee in or out from the employee list screen by using the keyboard shortcut Alt-I (clock in) or Alt-O (clock out).

Version:2.5.9 Released 12 August 2010
-Fix for people who are continually asked for admin password on startup
-If you press the D key within 5 seconds of the application starting it will pop up a Windows Explorer window showing the database directory. Only works for the admin software.
-Fix to department folder display that occurred for some users who had disabled employees
-When using the keypad interface the last action for an employee is now only displayed for 5 seconds before clearing
-Software now tries to re-connect to database when the connection is lost.

Version:2.5.8 Released 21 April 2010
-Fix to vacation and sick accruals where accrual period was set to a very short time
-Added logging to shift restriction code to try to catch an error one user is experiencing
-Added new setting to allow employees to create a new job when entering a non existent job code.

Version:2.5.7 Released 1 March 2010
-Fix to spacing on simple wages report
-Fix to spacing on time breakdown report
-Fix to calculations on time breakdown report

Version:2.5.6 Released 1 February 2010
-Fix to minor rounding error in payroll calculations
-Fix early shift clock in logic that would prevent clock ins under some circumstances

Version:2.5.5 Released 18 January 2010
-Fix to reports with more than 4 tab stops
-Added simple attendance report
-Added time breakdown report
-Added code to try to reconnect to database when connection goes stale
-Employees can now view their own job punchcard report
-Tweaked the file permissions error on software startup. Turns out the same error number is used for a number of connection errors and not just insufficient file/folder permissions.
-fixed up error one person saw on the time clock client when loading options screen
-fixed up error that occurred when software was closed and employee bulletin screen was left open
-fixed the clock in before shift restriction so limits close to midnight work properly
-fingerprint or PIN validation is now required before an employee can view their timecard

Version:2.5.4 Released 29 December 2009
-Fix to job time report
-Debugging added to setupCombos procedure on options screen, one person has reported an error and I cannot replicate it.
-Error handling code to FileExists procedure for people with broken windows scripting installs
-Debugging added to NTP timer call.

Version:2.5.3 Released 28 December 2009
-Changed timeout for checking for updates to 5 seconds
-Changed the way the software accesses the webcam on the options page to speed up page loading and prevent driver problems
-Tips form is no longer modal
-Added button to setting up employee PINs tutorial to the welcome screen
-A fix to the way the call to the internet time server was happening. I think it was bombarding time servers with multiple calls previously which will have caused a time error that some people were seeing.
-Changed internet time check frequency to just under 15 minutes (so there's at least 4 checks before time out)
-Changed the internet time check lockout so that if at least one successful internet time check has been made you cant be locked out if the time server goes offline
-Changed the internet time server list to discard some broken time servers and add some new working ones
-Started internet time checking timer even when it fails on startup

Version:2.5.2 Released 11 December 2009
-Fixed formatting on simple wages report
-Suppressed errors on software shutdown
-Fixed job punchcard report which was dropping off last day from job totals
-Attempt to remove invalid characters from excel export of reports
-added employee job creation setting. Allows employees to create a new job when entering times. Could be useful if you work with many jobs each day (from a job sheet for example).
-when using the departmental folder view while an employee was selected it was unselected when the list was refreshed. This is now fixed.

Version:2.5.1 Released 20 November 2009
-Fix to department folder display when there are departments with no employees
-Change to licensing checks to stop false license tampering reports

Version:2.5.0 Released 16 November 2009
-Added department folder view to employee list interface
-Added show department folder view setting to options screen
-Added mouseover highlight when moving mouse around on employee list screen
-Employee list is now refreshed when editing an employee
-Current employee remains selected when saving an edited employee
-Selected first report on report configuration screen drop down by default when no previous report was run

Version:2.4.8 Released 12 November 2009
-The search for an employee label would only update to a new setting after re-starting the software. This is now fixed.
-Debugging code added to try to determine reason for invalid procedure call error that one person is getting
-Fixed length of password reminder question answers text fields.
-added lots of debugging code to payroll summary report to try to figure out why some people cannot see some reports
-fixed up reports that were still showing deleted employees as delegates
-changed popup message when adding an employee with an existing employee id / badge number
-added catches for broken database connection in lvwEmployees_Click and checkLicenseConditions

Version:2.4.7 Released 29 October 2009
-Fix to very minor rounding problem when using hh:mm:ss formats in reports
-Fix to a program shut down error that a few people have seen

Version:2.4.6 Released 23 October 2009
-Fix to obscure friend error

Version:2.4.5 Released 21 October 2009
-Job Punchcard Report added

Version:2.4.4 Released 20 October 2009
-Fix to 'invalid key' error that sometimes occurs on clock in/out

Version:2.4.3 Released 6 October 2009
-Fix to refresh button on client version
-Fix to bulletins not showing correctly
-Fix to obscure friend function error that exactly one person was seeing

Version:2.4.2 Released 2 October 2009
-Link to job tracking demo from job tracking settings screen
-Replaced main list control on employee list interface to try to stop the horrible Error 0 problem
-Various code changes to try to stop the horrible Error 0 problem
-Changed some text on the system options page
-Added a warning the to File->Reset Admin Password menu

Version:2.4.1 Released 16 September 2009
-Fix to the way that paid holidays effect weekly overtime

Version:2.4.0 Released 15 September 2009
-Changes to try to stop the software getting the focus when it is minimized
-Fix to image capturing when using keypad interface
-Moved error text when keypad interface used
-Double clicking an employee on the list when logged in as the administrator opens the edit employee screen for that employee
-added simple job tracking, allows definition of jobs and then allows employees to track time against those jobs
-added job time report
-added active job report
-changed report configuration report to allow selection of a report from a drop down rather than individual buttons
-added job tracking requirements field to employee details screen
-added jobs maintenance screen on Options screen

Version:2.3.2 Released 20 August 2009
-Fix to resizing of employee list to try to get bottom employee to show up in all cases
-Fix to reports where earnings amounts $10000 or over were not displaying correctly
-Employees can no longer view the time location report or the departmental wages report
-Fix to maximize button when using keypad interface
-Fix to MySQL Upsize script

Version:2.3.1 Released 16 July 2009
-Fix to database update for shift restriction field

Version:2.3.0 Released 7 July 2009
-Added data logging, all clock in / out times are logged from creation through to deletion
-Added new global setting to turn on data logging, done via the Tools->Options->Security page
-Added new dropdown button to edit times screen and removed view captured image button
-Added new screen, View Time Log which is available from the new drop down buttonon the edit times screen
-Moved the time server to the end of the list, this time server is causing problems so it's no longer the default
-Fix to password resetting to changeme spontaneously
-Fix to OT calculations when no double up setting is set

Version:2.2.16 Released 30 June 2009
-Added new report setting to suppress page break between employees when printing report. Can be set on the Tools->Options->Reporting screen.
-Added new report, the Departmental Wages Report, breaks down employee wages by department, presents a departmental total and a report total

Version:2.2.15 Released 15 June 2009
-Fix to MySQL database creation script menu item not showing when software was licensed
-Fix to employee id incrementing
-Added new code to detect if insufficient file permissions are available and prompt user to fix them. A lot better than the old 'cannot find database' error which was rather pointless.

Version:2.2.14 Released 28 May 2009
-Fix to window not positioning properly on startup when it was maximized before closing
-Fix to stop type mismatch error which happens when the sick time or vacation accrual settings are deleted.

Version:2.2.13 Released 24 May 2009
-Fix to situation where last clock event was not updating correctly on the employee list interface.

Version:2.2.12 Released 3 May 2009
-Computer name and network MAC address now recorded along with clock in / out times.
-New report added, time location report, showing the computer name and MAC address along with each time.

Version:2.2.11 Released 1 May 2009
-Fix to payroll calculations for salaried employees on fortnightly payment cycle
-Fix to report configuration screen.
-Deactivated the minimize button on the Report screen. If you pressed this button an error resulted
-The punchcard and detailed punchcard reports now include a blank line to separate weeks (similar to the working hours report)

Version:2.2.10 Released 14 April 2009
-Fix to type mismatch 13 error some people were seeing
-Various debugging changes to try to catch element missing error that has mysteriously started happening

Version:2.2.9 Released 12 April 2009
-Fingerprint support re-enabled and work around put in for hard crash.
-Last 14 days selection added to edit times screen
-Camera capture settings can now be saved on clients

Version:2.2.8 Released 8 April 2009
-Critical fix to hard crash caused by fingerprint support. For the time being this has been disabled.

Version:2.2.7 Released 8 April 2009
-Added Excel log file. Run program with command line parameter ExcelDebug
-Fix to password reset routine for trial version
-Various changes to allow easier recovery of the admin password to try to sort out why people seem to lose them all the time.
-Webcam image capture can now be setup on a client by client basis.
-Fix to view information button. If fingerprint security was turned on any employee could view any others information.

Version:2.2.6 Released 16 March 2009
-Removed fingerprint scanner driver files from install file
-Software now prompts users to download fingerprint scanner drivers when they try to access any of the fingerprint features.

Version:2.2.5 Released 9 March 2009
-Fix to NTP Servers
-Fix to type mismatch error on employee details page

Version:2.2.4 Released 5 March 2009
-Fix to employee setting not being added correctly for people updating

Version:2.2.3 Released 26 Feburary 2009
-Completely reworked the database update code that adds new columns and tables to the database as new features are added to the database. Checked against MS Access, SQL Express 2005 and MySQL to work correctly on databases since Version 1.7.3.

Version:2.2.2 Released 24 February 2009
-Fix to vacation/sick time accrual rounding error

Version:2.2.1 Released 15 February 2009
-Fix to main screen not resizing correctly when maximizing the software
-Fix to 'not verified' being shown when a fingerprint was verified
-Fix to TAB export, files saved as CSV and not TXT

Version:2.2.0 Released 5 February 2009
-Added support for DigitalPersona fingerprint scanning devices
-Removed database refresh code as may be causing memory leaks

Version:2.1.13 Released 22 January 2009
-Fix to rounding error in payroll summary report/section

Version:2.1.12 Released 21 January 2009
-Fix to divide by zero error on running reports. Only happened when employees had vacation or sick time accruals with zero accrue per period amounts.
-Fix to working hours calculation in payroll reports introduced in last version.
-Fix to 'always pay salary' setting introduced in last version.

Version:2.1.11 Released 20 January 2009
-New employee payroll setting, 'Waive Automatic breaks'. If set an employee will not receive automatic break periods regardless of the global setting
-New employee setting that sets a value over daily overtime rate 2
-New global overtime setting for daily overtime at daily overtime rate 2. This includes a new limit above which overtime is paid at overtime rate 2.
-New global setting for seventh day overtime. This includes a limit, under which overtime is paid at rate 1 and over which overtime is paid at rate 2.
-New fields added to payroll section template, , , and . These display overtime rate two hours, rate, and earnings in the Payroll Summary report section template
-Database connection now refreshed every 20 minutes. This was done to try to stop problems some users were experiencing with employee statuses not being updated after the software had been running for some time.
-Fix to secret question answer fields on the system options page, they were restricted to 10 character text entry
-Fix to enter note screen not displaying prompt correctly.
-Fix to Vacation and sick time starting balances not transferring correctly when copying an employee

Version:2.1.10 Released 8 January 2009
-Fix to accruals section in report, accruals were calculating correctly but any vacation/sick time recorded on the last day of the report period was not being displayed correctly.
-Changed selection of various text boxes to select entire contents when selecting that text box
-Fix to accruals where the 'accrue every' value was set to more than 1

Version:2.1.9 Released 24 Decemeber 2008
-Fixed up tab order and text box heights on first login screen
-Added employee based adjustments to the sick time and vacation starting balances. These are cumulative with the starting balance for the accrual scheme for the employee. So, if the accrual scheme has a starting balance of 40 hours and the employee adjustment is 5 hours, the actual starting balance is 45 hours.
-Fix to last week and last month selections on edit times screen. Neither were taking the first day of week start time into account and this lead to the days times of the period not being displayed.
-Reminder on enter note screen whether a note needs to be entered or not.
-Fix to 91 Object not set error received occasionally when selecting an employee on the employee list
-Matching times now shown on edit times screen. It would be good to be able to edit both times at once but that makes no sense because notes are associated with individual times rather than pairs.

Version:2.1.8 Released 27 November 2008
-Added two password reminder questions to first login dialog
-Added two password reminder questions to Tools->Options->System Options screen
-Added password reset screen to admin program available under file menu. This will allow you to reset your administrator password from within the software if a user can answer the two reminder questions correctly. The trial version will tell you directly what the new password is. The registered version will email the new password to the email used to make the Time Clock MTS purchase.
-Added help link to the registration screen
-Added help link to the check for updates screen
-Added Online Help menu item to the help menu in case the integrated help doesnt work
-Changed installer to include a help file shortcut in the program group

Version:2.1.7 Released 6 November 2008
-Added new shift setting to restrict clock ins to within a certain limit of the start of a shift. Note that this only works on the FIRST clock in on a particular day.

Version:2.1.6 Released 20 October 2008
-Rounding applied to calculations of payroll data, this will help prevent rounding errors in calculations.
-Last week option added to edit times time period drop down
-Notes now shown on punchcard report, Clock In note shown if present, if only clock out note is present then that note is shown
-Added two new settings to holidays, 'recurring' and year. Recurring holidays occur on the same date every year. Non recurring holidays must now be defined for each year.
-Holidays screen will now display non latin character set characters.

Version:2.1.5 Released 13 October 2008
-Badge number text box is cleared on the keypad interface when an error is raised
-Error text is cleared when a new badge number is entered
-Time note errors (zero length notes or notes equal to badge number) are now displayed on main interface window rather than the time note entry box
-All reports are now selected on rounded times.
-Accruals are now to the end date of the report rather than to date
-New accruals section fields added, SICK TIME OWING PERIOD and VACATION TIME OWING PERIOD
-Fix to report configuration screen where hide payroll summary check box was still disabled for simple wages report
-Fix to simple wages report showing footer when it shouldnt have
-Enlarged report field selection box on options screen

Version:2.1.4 Released 9 October 2008
-Camera images are now captured on clock in/out via keypad interface
-Clock in / out errors are now displayed as a status message on the screen rather than a popup box
-Check made when adding time note, if the note is not added correctly then the created clock in/out is rolled back and an error occurs.

Version:2.1.3 Released 3 October 2008
-Fix to simple wages report
-Error catch for automatic selecting of all text box
-Fix to non modal form error when report screen shown
-Fix to punchcard report and detailed punchcard report not reporting last day of period correctly
-Fix to accrual summary reporting wrong times in some conditions

Version:2.1.2 Released 23 September 2008
-Fix to last 7 days and month to date selection on edit times screem
-Fix to last month selection on edit times screen
-Fix to last action text alignment on keypad interface
-Changed clock in / out code to speed up transaction and to prevent wrong action being selected when using the keypad interface

Version:2.1.1 Released 22 September 2008
-All text elements on the employee list interface can now be translated to languages other than english. This can be done via the Tools->Options->Interface settings screen.
-The note associated with the last action is now displayed on the employee list and keypad interfaces
-The saved position of the client and admin program windows are now saved separately, this might be useful if you run the client and admin programs on the same PC
-When the employee list is being used the window can now be resized

Version:2.1.0 Released 13 September 2008
-Added payroll period start time, by default this is set to 12:00AM but can be set to any time you like.
-Badge number of employee cannot be entered in time note field, stops double scans of mag cards or bar codes
-New overtime setting, can set a weekday
-Fix to employee name field on employee maintenance page to display non latin character set characters (cyrillic, japanese etc)
-Fix to invalid employee id screen giving unhandled error when employee note was required

Version:2.0.11 Released 28 August 2008
-Logging for invalid array index for employee ID report on SQL Express
-Fix to simple wages report that was not working properly with report sections
-Fix to report sections to remove leading and trailing spaces
-Fix to type mismatch error on settings load

Version:2.0.10 Released 26 August 2008
-Logging for startup error
-Fix to type mismatch error

Version:2.0.9 Released 22 August 2008
-Fix to PIN entry

Version:2.0.8 Released 19 August 2008
-Fix to overflow error on keypad interface
-Fix to reports showing incorrect times when run the first time

Version:2.0.7 Released 14 August 2008
-Fixed spelling error in trial version warning
-Fix to edit times for SQL Server/MySQL

Version:2.0.6 Released 13 August 2008
-Fix to adding report section templates for MySQL
-Fixed overflow bug on keypad screen when length of input numbers is longer than 9
-Changed label for name on last action to allow for double byte character sets
-Added new trial period expiry message for users who are eligible for free mode of operation
-Split payroll settings page into payroll settings and overtime settings

Version:2.0.5 Released 21 July 2008
-Warning given when entering an admin password over 10 characters long

Version:2.0.4 Released 19 July 2008
-Removed second instance running check

Version:2.0.3 Released 26 June 2008
-Fix to report section templates not being set correctly

Version:2.0.2 Released 15 June 2008
-Time Clock MTS can now used an attached camera to capture images on clock in/out or both
-New options page added to configure attached camera
-View Captured Image button added to Edit Times screen
-Fix to database updates for SQL Server from version 2.0.1
-Fix to invalid field name in settings loading (an old bug that has only just surfaced)
-Downsized and compressed all help file images to reduce download size
-Fix to stop NTP status box popping up when you search for a user with N in their name
-Fix to allow last action message to display non english characters
-Fix to database field upgrade problems for SQL Server

Version:2.0.1 Released 10 June 2008
-Find text box added to employee list screen, can type in a few letters and find an employee in the list more easily
-The employee list screen now displays a brief summary of the employees in and out
-Copy Selected Employee menu item added to Employee Maintenance menu
-Checkbox added to automatic update check window to allow it to be turned off more easily
-The keypad screen now ignores invalid employee id entries rather than displaying an error message
-Force time to pay at overtime rate setting added to edit times screen
-Force time to be neglected from overtime calculations setting added to edit times screen
-Simple Hours Report added
-Report configuration screen now remembers all previous settings
-Report setting added to suppress footer from reports
-Report configuration now includes ability to sort and report by type of employee
-Report setting added to suppress rounding (if switched on) from reports
-Report settings screen added to options page
-Various report settings moved from the Interface Settings page to the new Report Settings page
-Configurable report sections added, most of all reports can now be configured to user requirements via the Options->Report Settings
-Simple Hours Report addedd
-All text fields on the edit/add employee maintenance screen changed to select all text when tabbing between fields
-Change to licensing for version 2, Version 1 keys no longer function, you'll get a 14 day grace period to upgrade your key before being
locked out of the software
-Menu items added to get a version 2 license key or open up downgrade download screen from our website
-Fix to type mismatch error in employee maintenance on line 150
-Fix to object not set error on line 50 of displayLastAction in frmMain
-Fix to date display on employee list/keypad screen for Windows locales with non ansi character sets (chinese, cyrillic, japanese etc)