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Setting Up Employee Tip Tracking

This Time Clock MTS How To Article covers how to configure Time Clock MTS to allow your employees to record, track, and report on any tips they receive while working. To enable employee tip tracking in Time Clock MTS just follow the steps below.. Log into Time Clock MTS as the administrator. How you log in as the administrator was covered in this Time Clock MTS How To Article. Go to the Tools->Options->Interface Settings screen and you’ll be shown the screen at the top of this article. Check the Enable Tip Tracking checkbox. Select the Employee List Interface option from the Data Entry dropdown. Note that tip tracking does not currently work if you’re using the keypad interface. When you’re happy with your selection press the Save button to save the changes. Logout of the Time Clock MTS administrator account and you should see the employee time clock screen looking like it does above. Note that the Tips button is now visible. Your employees can now start recording tips received by clicking this button. We’ll cover how to record and report on employee tips in subsequent how to... read more

Time Clock MTS Version 3.1.1 Released

I’ve just uploaded a new version of Time Clock MTS which includes a bunch of new features and a couple of important bug fixes. The biggest improvement to the system is an employee tip tracking system. This will be the subject of a couple of subsequent blog posts and probably an animated time clock demonstration. The total list of changes to V3.1.1 can be found below: The punchcard and job punchcard reports now display the full notes entered by employees. The employee accrual start date now defaults to the date that the employee record was created. A button with a star graphic has been added to the Enter Job Code screen. Clicking this pops up a screen listing all Job Codes allowing employees to select one easily. Not sure what I’m talking about? Try taking a look at the Job Tracking Time Clock page for more information. A new setting has been added to the Security Settings screen. The setting, Auto Logout Administrator (5 Minutes Idle) causes the administrator account to be automatically logged out when the computer is idle for 5 minutes. Employee tip tracking system added. Turned on via a the Enable Tip Tracking setting on the Interface Settings screen. This allows employees clocking in and out via the Employee List Interface to enter their tips via the Tips button. New screens have been added to manage tips, add tips, edit tips, and delete tips. Added the employee tip diary report. This report is a close copy of the IRS 4070A Employee Tip Diary form. Added the employee tip diary summary report. This is a close copy... read more

Staff Time Clock for Doctors

I’ve been doing some digging through our Time Clock MTS customer database looking at the types of businesses that use the software. More than 8,000 companies now use Time Clock MTS and I thought that some trends may have emerged. It’s clear that Time Clock MTS is a popular choice for doctors clinic and medical clinics. A quick search for medical related terms indicates that more than 400 general practitioners, health clinics, and specialists like dermatologists and radiologists use the software. This is about 5% of the Time Clock MTS user base and other than retail based businesses is the biggest industry segment that makes use of Time Clock MTS. So, if you’re looking for time clock software for your doctors surgery, your medical clinic, or your specialized practise then Time Clock MTS could be just what you are looking for! You guys do such a great job thank you so much this is our second time clock order with you over the course of years. Dr. Brad Woodle Advanced Sports & Family ChiropracticKansas, USA We have been using Time Clock MTS for about 5 years now. It has been a great asset to our office. The system is low-cost and user friendly. We love that it saves the employees time and eliminates time sheet errors. Payroll duties are hassle-free and much more time efficient! Stephanie MoyerOffice ManagerWomen's Health for LifeOhio,... read more

Staff Time Clock for Dentists

As well as doctors and medical clinics a quick browse through our Time Clock MTS customer database shows a surprising number of dental service practitioners using our software to manage their dental practice or surgery. It’s actually surprising how many health care professionals use our Time Clock not just in dental services. Whether it be a general dentist, cosmetic dentist, orthodontist, endodontist or pediatric dental service you can count on automated time recording software for keeping track of dentists, dental hygienists, therapists and assistants, receptionists and office staff. All of these businesses both large and small, more than 200 of them are all making use of Time Clock MTS. Time tracking software has allowed these highly specialized dental businesses speed up their time tracking, book keeping and payroll processes saving the company time in paid wages and lost hours to tiresome manual calculations. Taking these processes and moving to electronic timekeeping allows you to do things that would be very difficult with paper and a calculator. Not only can you track your employees time, you can track time spent on specific tasks (jobs), request time off, accrue vacation and sick time -this list is seemingly endless! Throw away those paper timesheets and timecards, take the easy way forward with your business and have Time Clock MTS do it all for you. If you’re looking for time clock software for your dental surgery or your specialized dentistry practice then Time Clock MTS could be just what you are looking for! I have used TimeClock MTS in my dental practice since 2009. I found the software easy to install and manage.... read more

How to Start Time Clock MTS in Excel Debug Mode

From time to time we need to users of Time Clock MTS to run the software in a special logging mode to allow us to find and fix up problems with the program or with the computer it is installed on. When this mode is activated Time Clock MTS creates a new Microsoft Excel worksheet and logs all manner of information to the worksheet which can then be emailed to us. This blog entry details how to start up the software in what we call “Excel Debug Mode”. 1. Find the Start->Run box on your version of Windows. If you’re using Windoxs XP it’s just a matter of pressing the Windows Start button and selecting the Run option from the window that pops up. In Windows Vista the Run box is hidden by default and you may need bring back the Start->Run box. If you’re running Windows 7 just click the Windows Pearl (the round button on the bottom left of your desktop) and select the run option from the window that pops up. 2. Generally the Start->Run box looks something like the screenshot shown above. 3. Enter the following command into the text field in the window. Make sure to enter the correct command depending on whether you’re trying to get the Time Clock MTS Administrator program or the Client program started in Excel Debug Mode. Make sure to cut and paste the commands from this article rather than trying to type them in. Administrator Program: “C:\Program Files\Time Clock MTS\timeclockmts.exe” ExcelDebug Client Program: “C:\Program Files\Time Clock MTS Client\timeclockmtsclient.exe” ExcelDebug 4. Click the OK button and Time Clock MTS... read more

Version 3.0.10 Released

Thanks to a pair of observant Time Clock MTS users a couple of small bugs were brought to my attention in the last few of days that have been fixed up in version 3.0.10 of Time Clock MTS which I’ve just uploaded . The first problem was with the calculation of overtime rate 2 hours (there are two daily overtime limits available in Time Clock MTS). On some occasions the OT2 hours from one employee could be carried over onto the totals for the subsequent employee. The second issue was a layout problem with the Add Multiple Times screen. The time classification and total for times 6 and 7 were... read more
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