Time Clock MTS Screenshots

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Employee Time Clock Screenshots
Time Clock MTS The employee time clock interface is used by your employees to punch in and out. Click to view the Time Clock Interface Screenshots.
Email Alert Screenshots
Managing Email Alerts The software includes a system to automatically send out email alerts when events occur, such as employees punching in or out. Click to view the Email Alert Screenshots.
Employee Tip Tracking Screenshots
The employee tip diary is used to enter employee tips here as well as view tip diary reports. Time Clock MTS includes an employee tip tracking and reporting system allowing your employees to track their tips from within the software. Click to view the Employee Tip Tracking Screenshots.
Employee Time Off Requests
This screen is used by the administrator to manage employee time off requests. The time off request system allows employees to request time off and then administrators can approve or deny these requests. Click to view the Employee Time Off Requests Screenshots.
Employee Messages
This screen is used to manage messages shows to employees when they punch in or out. Employee messages are used by the time clock administrator to send messages to employees or groups of employees within Time Clock MTS. Click to view the Employee Message Screenshots.
Job Tracking
This screen is used by employees to enter a job code when they punch into Time Clock MTS.Time Clock MTS includes a job time tracking system to allow employees to clock in and out of jobs during the work day. Administrators can report on time spent working on jobs. Click to view the Job Tracking Screenshots.
Managing Employee Screenshots
This screen is used to record employee information such as name, date of birth, shift/department, and date of hire. Time Clock MTS employees can be configured as hourly or salaried employees and their time card information tracked closely. Click to view the Time Clock Employee Screenshots.
Report Screenshots
The Generate Payroll Reports Screen Time Clock MTS has a powerful and comprehensive reporting system that will always place your employee time clock data right at your fingertips. Click to view the Time Clock Reporting Screenshots.
Managing Employee Times
This screen is used to add/edit/delete time entries for users. Time Clock MTS administrators are provided with a comprehensive system to manage and edit their employee time clock data as well as being able to create new time punches. Click to view the Managing Employee Times Screenshots.
Program Options and Settings Screenshots
The Payroll Settings Screen Time Clock MTS has many different settings to configure the software to suit local payroll and overtime calculation requirements. Click to view the Time Clock Options and Settings Screenshots.