Version 4 Release Notes

These are the archived release notes for Version 4 of Time Clock MTS. If you want to see the release notes for the current version of Time Clock MTS then you should look here.

Version:4.1.7 Released 14 November 2013
-Fix to employee time off request screen that could result in a request being assigned a zero employee id
-Limited the sick time and vacation accrual rates to 1000 to stop overflow error
-Fix to simple wages report that was not displaying the total weekly overtime hours correctly

Version:4.1.6 Released 26 August 2013
-Fixed up a layout issue on the Tools->Options->Security Settings screen.
-Fixed a display issue on the employee contact details report
-Fixed up the title of the actual vs rounded report
-Correctly alphabetized reports in report drop down on report configuration screen
-Adjusted height of reset forgotten password screen
-Removed case sensitive prompt from reset forgotten password screen
-Changed all references to "Disabled Employees" to "De-Activated Employees"
-Fixed up various typos in the help file
-Updated screenshots in help file to Windows 8.

Version:4.1.5 Released 11 August 2013
-Fixed a problem where a clock out could spontaneously be created when an employee with no recorded times was disabled
-Fixed a performance issue with loading large sets of jobs. Jobs sets should load about 20-30 times faster.
-Waiting cursor now displayed when job code screen, options screen, and payroll reports screen are loading
-Added right click option to employee list when the administrator is logged in to show or hide disabled employees.
-Fixed a bug with the departmental list view where the last department in this list is empty and an error fires when clicking on the department
-Fixed up some problems with the department list view when all employees were disabled
-Added some text prompts to the employee list when there are no employees defined

Version:4.1.4 Released 11 July 2013
-Fixed up a typo on the Vacation Accruals and Sick Time Accruals page.
-Resetting password from secret questions is no longer case dependent.
-changed the trial reminder message to a proper form and allowed the reminder to be dismissed for a period of time.
-changed the trial expired message to a proper form.
-Fixed problem with job details report displaying times booked against NO job showing as booked against a non-existent job.
-Added option to clock out button on Edit Times screen to allow the administrator to clock all employees or the selected employee in.
-Admin time off request screen now sorts properly by date for the date columns
-When deleting a time off request form the admin time off request screen the sort order no longer changes
-Employee time off request form now sorts properly by date for the date columns
-The setting to create a bulletin when approving a time off request is now remembered.
-Employee bulletin screen no longer displays if there's nothing to show.

Version:4.1.3 Released 17 May 2013
-Added the Job Detail Report
-Changed the way switching jobs works to speed up the operation, reduce database access and stop a "Already Clocked In" error message that one user was seeing
-Fix to client software de-selecting the current employee when the employee list refreshes

Version:4.1.2 Released April 30 2013
-Fix to PIN checking for an employee who is not required to scan a fingerprint

Version:4.1.1 Released 28 March 2013
-value of create note checkbox on the adpprove/deny time off request screen is now remembered
-relaid out the employee time off request screen
-added a time period filter the the employee time off request screen
-added the time off request report, accessible from the employee time off request screen
-Exporting employees now exports the display color and do not pay overtime settings
-Importing employees now imports the display color and do not pay ovetime settings
-Adjusted some of the captions and tool tip text on the import employees screen
-Changed date display format on the administrator and employee manage time off requests screens to allow proper date sorting
-Accepted employee bulletins are no longer displayed to employees
-A new setting has been added to employees to not require them to scan a fingerprint if biometric security is enabled. This is for employees whose fingers just will not scan reliably. They'll still need to enter a PIN to confirm their actions.

Version:4.0.8 Released 7 February 2013
-Fix to job cost report
-Fix to active job report for mysql/msssql connections
-Completely re-worked the system for matching clock ins and outs on the Edit Times screen. This has resulted in much less data access, a faster editing experience, eliminated the possibility of getting clock in/outs with mismatching job numbers, and reduced the likelihood of disrupting the time clock database through over-enthusiastic editing.
-Fix to overtime calculations, daily and weekly for forcing a time to overtime
-Fix to daily job time report for forced overtime and neglect overtime
-Fix to job cost report for forced overtime and neglect overtime
-Times in Edit Times display a (F) for forced overtime and an (I) for ignore overtime
-The icon for a clock in / out on the edit times screen now displays an indication if there's a note associated with the time

Version:4.0.7 Released 23 January 2013
-Default background color for employees is white
-Deleted and disabled jobs can no longer be used to book time
-Added Accrue Only for Normal Time. When checked sick/vacation/other time do not accrue time for vacation/sick time.
-Fix to the employee background color and do not pay overtime settings which did not save correctly when creating a new employee
-Fix to display of deleted jobs on undelete jobs screen for SQL Server and MySQL
-Fix to display of disabled employees on the re-enable employees screen for SQL Server and MySQL

Version:4.0.6 Released 20 January 2013
-Fix to seventh day overtime calculations
-Added job cost report

Version:4.0.5 Released 6 January 2013
-Fix to various reports that could report a negative time pair duration when Least Quantity rounding was turned on.
-Slight re-adjustment of column widths on the daily job time report

Version:4.0.4 Released 29 December 2012
-Fixed up small typo on the Vacation and Sick Time Accruals screen.
-Added View Video Demo button to first run screen.
-Fix to job totals on daily job time report.

Version:4.0.3 Released 24 December 2012
-<NORMAL_RATE>,<OT_RATE>, and <OT2_RATE> fields added to the Employee Header and Employee Details report section templates.
-Added the Daily Job Time Report
-Added a bunch of debugging code around a window repaint API call to try to track down a hard crash one user is seing on Windows 7.

Version:4.0.2 Released 17 December 2012
-Fixed job code entry error when no jobs are defined
-Edit Times screen now displays first time in selected range if it is a clock out.
-Added Time Clock MTS Version label to Registration screen
-Re-arranged the add/edit shifts screen to display properly on non-standard DPI resolutions

Version:4.0.1 Released 10 November 2012
-New setting to prevent department folders from being closed.
-New setting to stop last clock in information displaying when employee is selected in the employee list.
-New setting to hide the last employee action 5 seconds after they clock in or out.
-Added the Import Employees screen under the Employee Maintenance menu. Allows bulk importation of employees from an Excel spreadsheet.
-Added background color to employee display.
-Added "Do Not Pay Overtime" setting to employees. When set that employee will not get paid overtime regardless of other OT settings.
-Added a time spent on all jobs total to the Job Time Report.
-The find employee text box at the bottom of the employee list can now take a wildcard to allow you to search for employees names containing a text string. Previously you could only search for employees by leading characters of their name
-Added Tools->Time Off Requests Screen. Allows the administrator manage and approve time off requests.
-Added system to create clock in / out pairs from an employee time off request
-Added "enable time off requests" setting on the Tools->Options->Interface Settings screen. Turns on a menu option on the employee "View My Information" button to allow employees to add their own time off requests.
-Added employee manage time off requests screen. Available from drop down menu on "View My Information" button.
-Added undelete jobs button to the Tools->Options->Job Tracking screen.
-the edit times screen can now be used to add times into the future when the employee is clocked in given that the times are not within 24 hours of the times being added
-Relaid out the Tools->Options->Display Options screen.
-Relaid out the Tools->OPtions->Interface Options screen.
-changed listview control on manage connections screen.
-Re-arranged the first user welcome screen and added several commonly used Time Clock MTS settings to allow for faster program setup.
-Sort order on edit times screen is now remembered.
-Week day name now displayed on edit times screen.
-Added a "Contact Time Clock MTS Support Staff" link to the help menu
-Replaced internet time server with the server in maryland
-A more useful error message is displayed if you do not enter a custom time server into the address box and then test the connection
-Renamed the employee notes report to employee comments report for consistency
-Renamed the detailed punchcard report with full notes to the detailed punchcard report with full comments report for consistency
-Renamed Time Log screen to time audit log screen and renamed all associated help files and settings for consistency
-Added line number debugging to the main form setup code
-optimized various parts of the time validity checking code to increase speed and decrease database load
-Help file was completely proof read by a third party. Many typo and grammar fixes plus fixes to help structure. The employee bulletin help files were orphaned (not accessible), as was the restore deleted employees screen.
-Registration code structure modified. Codes generated prior to version 4 will no longer work in the software. 14 day trial period added to users with old version codes.
-Links added to allow users to retrieve V4 registration codes (if they are eligible).
-Much of the the licensing code re-written and optimized
-Links on About Time clock MTS screen now change color when the mouse is over them
-Cleaned up the dialogs shown to people who run the software for the first time
-Stopped a needless start of a the main time checking timer when an internet time server was not selected
-log file will now only write 5000 messages
-Public holidays before an employees hire date are no longer credited.
-Fixed problem with edit employee/edit employee times popup for group headers.
-fixed resizing issue on main time clock screen.
-Fixed a problem where the Time Clock MTS process could keep running even though the user had exited.
-Fixed up the licenses exceeded URLs when exceeding the allowable number of employees or clients.
-Fixed a problem with OT2 rate calculations when the employee exceeded the OT2 time limit on the 7th day of a week.
-Fixed an error with the overide holidays hours, vacation accrual starting balance, and sick time accrual starting balance fields on the employee maintenance screen.
-Fixed up various labels that were not displaying correctly when windows text size was set to 125%
-Fixed up a problem with employee comment box still asking for a comment when the comment was optional
-Fixed up a problem with connection and action dates for connection records when using the internet time server
-Fixed up background images on the splash screen and the About Time Clock MTS screen when running at DPI other than 100%
-Fixed up some first run problems when the in program tutorial was run from the first run screen
-fixed up a bug on the insert times screen with displaying the job correctly when the job had been deleted
-fixed up a bug on the edit time screen when the job associated with a time had been deleted
-Fixed time creation validation for SQL Server.