Free Employee Shift Template in Excel

This free employee shift template is available in Microsoft Excel format. The template allows you to create a flexible weekly employee shift plan that takes into account the number of employees and hours that need to be worked , the actual hours allocated, and the total hours allocated for the entire week. You can set the time that employees start work and the time they finish each day. Additionally you can track employee absences such as vacation, sick time, or holidays. It’s a simple matter to add rows to the employee shift template to account for more employees or to track multiple shifts (for example night shift and day shift). The template can be customized to suit what days of the week your staff work and you can also enter your own absence codes.

Once you’ve created your employee shift schedule you’re going to need to track when (and if) your employees arrive for work, how long they spend on their breaks, and when they leave work for the day. Our simple, inexpensive software, Time Clock MTS is the ideal solution for doing this. You can use it with any Windows PC or Windows Tablet to create an employee time clock computer. Time Clock MTS does much more than that though, it can allow your employees to request time off and then track that time, record the time they spend working on different jobs, and automatically record time taken off for Federal and State holidays. There’s a free 30 day trial available and a there’s even a 100% free version that’s subject to some conditions.

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Employee Schedule TemplateExcel Employee Schedule Template – Excel (xlsx) Format

You can use this employee shift template free of charge and redistribute it to anyone who might find it useful. If it doesn’t do what you want please contact us and we’ll see if we can modify it to suit your needs. Don’t forget if you want to know exactly how much time your employees are working compared to your schedule then you should take a look at Time Clock MTS. You’re not going to find an easier way of recording the time your employees spend working for you. It’ll work on almost any Windows computer or tablet and then you can run your payroll and attendance reports in just seconds without messing about with manual calculations or cumbersome manual timesheets. Why not give the trial version a go?

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