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Time Clock MTS is free for less than 4 employees. Forever.

The Employee Time Clock

The Employee Time Clock

Time Clock MTS Employee Information

Time Clock MTS Employee Information.

‘Timeclock MTS software has saved us hours of manual calculations and allows us to control our payroll more closely.’ L. Pierce

Sylvan Learning Center

Time Clock MTS

Free for less than 4 Employees

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Do you want to track time and attendance information for less than four employees? Well Time Clock MTS will allow you to do this FREE of charge FOREVER. The trial version of Time Clock MTS allows you to track clock in data for up to 500 employees but when the trial period expires this is limited to three employees. This NEVER expires. Even better, you’ll be entitled to free updates of the software just like our paying customers.

Please note that you cannot use the multi client version of Time Clock MTS in free mode. You will be restricted to using it on one computer only.

If you want free time clock software for your small company then Time Clock MTS is for you! Just get our free employee time clock download it and install it where you want to record your time and attendance information. When the free 30 day trial period runs out (and you have less than four employees in the database) it will revert to free mode without you having to do anything!


Flexible Reporting

Record your employee attendance quickly and accurately and generate payroll reports in seconds, showing overtime, vacation and sick time, time worked on jobs and dozens of other useful and important figures.

Powerful Security

The free version includes all the powerful security features of our commercial software including support for fingerprint scanning, barcode / magenetic card swiping, employee PINs, and employee image capture.

Grows With You

Track 3 employees on a single computer with as many time punches as you need each day and when you grow upgrade easily to support more employees on multiple computers and keep using your old data without interruption.
Don’t forget that our free employee time clock software still includes all of the more advanced features that any good time clock system should contain. Your employees will be able to track their time spent working on jobs or they can request time off and you can approve or deny those requests and automatically create time punches from the requests. Advanced security features such as fingerprint attendance tracking, our dedicated internet time server, and taking webcam images of employees as they clock in or clock out will also be available to you. And of course you’ll still be able to run any of the dozens of time clock reports available from within Time Clock MTS.