Time Clock Software for Childcare Centers

When we look at the types of businesses that are using Time Clock MTS, it comes as a surprise to us that there are a lot of childcare centers. It’s a common misconception that time and attendance tools are only required if the company is a large one with hundreds or even thousands of employees. Contrary to this, a good time clock system will come in handy for a variety of companies, both small and large. After some in-depth research into the different users of Time Clock MTS, it was discovered that at least 150 different childcare and daycare centers use Time Clock MTS across the U.S.A.

The time clock software can be used for tracking staff and employees hours worked, overtime and vacations but did you know that you can also use the system to keep track of the children being cared for in the center. You can track the time the children are in the center and you now also have a list of the children inside the center at any point in time. This would be very useful to make sure that everybody is safe in the event of a fire or other emergency. If parents clock their children in and out themselves, it will save time for other employees, keeping them free for the more important tasks thus helping the center to run more efficiently.

It can be difficult to find quality time clock software for childcare centers, but Time Clock MTS can help provide you with the perfect system -for staff and the children you care for, just as it has for 150 other centers.

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Time Clock MTS

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