Questions About Time Clock Software in a Childcare Center

I got a question from a potential Time Clock MTS user recently, she is the director of a childcare center in the USA. Here’s what she had to ask:

Would you be able to answer these questions for me by e-mail?  I’m trying to determine if your time clock software will work for what we’d need to use it for.  We currently have about 60 students and about 25 staff.  We use a centrally located computer for everyone (students & staff) to clock in and out each day.  Each person has an ID # that they use to clock in and out. I’d like to set this up where people can clock in/out on the main computer, but I can run reports from 2 computers in the office.  We’d like to have 2 administrators.  Is that possible?


How many people can use this to clock in/out?  If we reach our maximum in the future, is there any way to extend the number of users?


Do you happen to know how other childcare centers are using this program to clock in/out students?  Do they set students up as a certain Department or something?  Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

There’s a few points about this. Firstly, yes you can have multiple administrator computers, but you’ll need to purchase a license for each one and then set up the second (and subsequent) administrator computers as described in this blog entry. The second thing to note is that Time Clock MTS is most certainly used by other childcare centers, several dozen at least (plus about 6000 other companies around the world). Here’s my response to the question:

1) Two admin licenses and one client license are possible but only one of the admin PC’s at a time will be able to run the software. Cost for this setup would be US$167.


2) I’ll happily extend the software for you to allow up to 150 people to clock in and out. You can delete employees/children if they are no longer using the system to free up positions. Regarding other centers, I seem to recall at least one using different departments to track children/staff. A quick browse through our customer database shows around 60 or so centers using our software

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