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As I mentioned in a recent post on this blog Time Clock MTS is designed to be simple to use and setup. However, it contains a range of features and settings “under the hood” that allows it to be configured to suit businesses with more complex needs. It’s interesting that these sorts of features, such as biometric employee tracking, payroll calculations, and attendance tracking are also the same sort of features that are required of time clock software in the Philippines. You can even setup the software to display in Philipino, Spanish or any other language or dialect you prefer.

A recent article on the Philippine Star website discusses a group of innovative businesses who reached the finals of a “start-up tech search and business plan competition”. It’s interesting that one of these finalists has developed a time and attendance solution whose key innovations are primarily the same as those that Time Clock MTS has been offering for quite a while. Given this it’s no real surprise that there’s already more than 50 companies using Time Clock MTS in the Philippines! So, if you’re in the Philippines and you’re looking for time clock software why not give the free 30 day trial a work-out?

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