Time Clock MTS Pricing Changes

This weekend I’m rolling out changes to the pricing structure of Time Clock MTS. Gone will be the old (and frankly confusing) system that required you to choose from a large number of different client packages decide on the number of employees that you wanted to track. Instead there are going to be just three options when purchasing Time Clock MTS.

The Network Edition

The Time Clock MTS Network Edition will be just $199 (US) for 20 time clock client computers and 1 time clock administrator computer. You will be able to track up to 500 employees using the Time Clock MTS Network Edition. The price of $199 (US) represents about a 60% price drop over the old pricing structure.

The Network PLUS Edition

The Time Clock MTS Network PLUS Edition will be $399 (US) and allow for 1 administrator computer and up to 100 time clock client computers. To support more than 20 time clock clients it will require the use of one of the Enhanced Backend Database options. The price of $399 (US) represents a 50% price drop over the previous pricing structure.

The Stand Alone Edition

The Stand Alone Edition allows you to install Time Clock MTS on one computer and track up to 500 employees. We’ve maintained the price of the Stand Alone Edition at $99 (US) but the ability to track up to 500 employees gives a saving of around 60% versus the old cost.

If you’re an existing Time Clock MTS user and you’ve got any questions about these pricing changes or want to talk to me about a potential upgrade then please contact me.

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