Version 2.5.9 Released

I’ve just released version 2.5.9 of Time Clock MTS which contains some bug fixes and a minor user interface improvement. Here’s the details of what’s changed:

  • A fix for some users who were continually being told they were already logged in as the administrator even though they were not.
  • To help users who cannot find their database file you can now press the D key on your keyboard within 5 seconds of starting up the admin software and a Windows Explorer window will popup showing the directory your database is in.
  • A fix was applied to the department folder view, it wasn’t displaying correctly if there were disabled employees.
  • The last action message now clears after 5 seconds when using the keypad interface.
  • Some people still experience problems when the software is left running for long periods and the database connection goes stale. I’ve included some new code to try to re-connect to the database if the connection is lost.

Apologies for the dearth of releases lately, our attention has been pretty much focussed on Online Time Clock MTS for most of this year. It’s getting close to being released commercially and once that happens we’ll start working hard on Version 3 of Time Clock MTS.

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