The Manage Connections Screen

The Manage Connections Screen

The Manage Connections Screen

Above you can see the Manage Connections screen. This screen is used to view and manage the connections to your Time Clock MTS database. Generally you won’t need to use this screen for much, but every now and again you may need it to delete old, stale connections that are using up your Time Clock MTS Client Licenses. This can commonly happen two ways. Firstly, you’ve installed the Time Clock MTS Client software on too many computers and you’re continually using up your client licenses (you should only install the Time Clock MTS Client software on as many computers as you are licensed for). The second reason is that perhaps a computer with the client software on it has suddenly died or shutdown incorrectly and you’re going to install the software on a new PC because the old one is kaput. In this case the connection record for the old computer can often not be deleted correctly and you’ll need to remove it manually.

This blog describes the process to remove a connection record from Time Clock MTS.

1. Find the connection you want to remove in the list on the Manage Connections screen. You can identify the computer the connection is coming from by the name of the computer or the MAC address of the computer.

2. Ensure that the computer named is no longer running the Time Clock MTS Client software.

3. Click on the connection record you want to delete.

4. Click the Disconnect button to remove the connection record.

That’s all there is to it, but as always if you have any problems please Contact Us and we’ll do our best to help you out!

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