What are the Time Clock MTS Web Extensions?

Starting with the release of Time Clock MTS version 5 we’re introducing a new feature set called “Time Clock MTS Web Extensions”. The Time Clock MTS Web Extensions are managed by a small helper program that needs to be downloaded and installed AFTER you’ve installed Time Clock MTS on a computer.

What are the Web Extensions Features?

Right now the Web Extensions features are limited to Time Clock MTS email alerts. However, as time passes we’ll be adding new features AND moving existing Time Clock MTS features (such as capturing images via web camera and internet time checking) to the Web Extensions.

Do I Need to Install the Time Clock MTS Web Extensions?

No. If you don’t want any of the features that Web Extensions offers then you won’t need to install or worry about it.

Who Can Use the Time Clock MTS Web Extensions

Anyone who is using Time Clock MTS in the 30 day trial period can use the Web Extensions. Anyone who is a registered user of Time Clock MTS can use the Web Extensions if they have a current support contract. Obviously you must also be using Time Clock MTS Version 5 or later to use Web Extensions. Users of the free version of Time Clock MTS cannot use the Web Extensions.

Are there Special System Requirements for the Web Extensions?

Yes. Any computer that needs to make use of the Time Clock MTS Web Extensions must have an internet connection, it must be using Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later, and if it’s got a firewall it must allow the Web Extensions helper program to access the Internet.

For the technically inclined the Time Clock MTS Web Extensions helper program requires the Windows .NET 4.0 framework (or later) so if your computer doesn’t support .NET 4.0 it won’t be able to run the Web Extensions program. Note that the Time Clock MTS Web Extensions Installer will check for the presence of the .NET 4.0 framework on your computer and download and install it if your computer doesn’t already have it.

How do I Install the Time Clock MTS Web Extensions?

The Web Extensions helper program can be installed from within Time Clock MTS via the Tools->Install Web Extensions menu. The install must be downloaded and run by your Time Clock MTS administrator.

The installer can also be downloaded directly from here: Time Clock MTS Web Extensions Installer

Before installing Web Extensions make sure Time Clock MTS IS NOT RUNNING on the computer.

How do I Run the Time Clock MTS Web Extensions Once it’s Installed?

You do not have to run the Time Clock MTS MTS helper program. Once you’ve installed it the Web Extensions helper program will start automatically when Time Clock MTS starts and will stop when Time Clock MTS stops. All without you having to do a thing.

This is All Very Confusing. I Have More Questions

Then please contact us and we’ll help you as best we can.

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