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Timeclock Customer Reviews Posted

I’ve just posted up a couple of new user reviews of the software over on our customer and user reviews pages. The new ones for this week are from LaWanda Elles from the Forth Worth Hope Center and Ty Buice of the Antioch Community Church in Waco, Texas. Here’s what another Time Clock MTS user had to say: We are a small business with about 15 employees and have been using the Time Clock MTS software for years. The software is very user friendly and works great for the amount of employees we have. We have used similar payroll programs in the past where employees were issued a time card and they were responsible for maintaining and remembering to bring those cards when coming to work. This turned out to be a bad idea because cards got lost, forgotten and even deactivated. With this system, we don’t have to worry about any of that. Coupled with a fingerprint scanner, the Time Clock MTS software it is just so much more efficient and reliable. The software also stores all employee and personnel information, and for a small business like ours it keeps us from having a separate Human Resource system, which is great! We also have the ability to pull and edit different reports on the fly to help with payroll and attendance and we can even export those reports to an excel spreadsheet! Another awesome feature which we use all the time allows us to set up times for shifts that can limit employees to clock in only when they are supposed to be at work. We enjoy using... read more

The Manage Connections Screen

Above you can see the Manage Connections screen. This screen is used to view and manage the connections to your Time Clock MTS database. Generally you won’t need to use this screen for much, but every now and again you may need it to delete old, stale connections that are using up your Time Clock MTS Client Licenses. This can commonly happen two ways. Firstly, you’ve installed the Time Clock MTS Client software on too many computers and you’re continually using up your client licenses (you should only install the Time Clock MTS Client software on as many computers as you are licensed for). The second reason is that perhaps a computer with the client software on it has suddenly died or shutdown incorrectly and you’re going to install the software on a new PC because the old one is kaput. In this case the connection record for the old computer can often not be deleted correctly and you’ll need to remove it manually. This blog describes the process to remove a connection record from Time Clock MTS. 1. Find the connection you want to remove in the list on the Manage Connections screen. You can identify the computer the connection is coming from by the name of the computer or the MAC address of the computer. 2. Ensure that the computer named is no longer running the Time Clock MTS Client software. 3. Click on the connection record you want to delete. 4. Click the Disconnect button to remove the connection record. That’s all there is to it, but as always if you have any problems please Contact... read more

Czech Time Clock

A Time Clock MTS user in the Czech Republic sent us in their time clock data last week and we were delighted to see that they’d translated the main screen labels in to Czech. You can see what this looks like below. Nifty. The user has done this by changing all of the the main screen labels in the software on the Display Settings screen. If you want different time clock stations to have different display languages (for example Czech on one computer and English on another) then you can also translate the screen labels for each different client... read more

Problems with Upgrading SQL Server to Time Clock MTS Version 5

Some users have reported some problems upgrading to Time Clock MTS Version 5 when they are using SQL Server as a backend database. I suspect this only occurs for users who have imported an Access database using SQL Server Management Studio. It appears that this process creates some indexes and constraints that prevent the upgrade process from occurring. Unfortunately there’s no automated fix because the names of the constraints and keys are randomly generated during the import process and will be different in each case. The fix for this issue is complex and should only be attempted by users who are familiar with SQL Server and SQL Server Management Studio. If you’re not sure what either of these are or you think I’ve suddenly started talking another language then you’re not the right person to be implementing this fix. Talk to your IT staff or your database administrator before continuing. You can be sure you’ve got this problem when you see an error like this the first time you run Time Clock MTS Version 5 after upgrading: Note down the name of the object (of the form DF_tblEmploy_lngEm_XXXXXX) because we’re going to need that later. Close down Time Clock MTS and open up SQL Server Management Studio. 1. Backup your Database Before we start this process you should backup your database. In SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) you can do this by right clicking on your time clock database in the object explorer and choosing the Tasks->Backup menu option. 2. Determine Name of Constraints/Indexes to Delete In SSMS we’re going to determine the names of the constraints and indexes... read more

Time Clock MTS in an Upholstery Company

United Commercial Upholstery of New Ulm, Minnesota are, as their name suggests, a commercial upholstery firm who specialize in seating for golf carts and cushions/stools for locker rooms. They also offer high volume upholstery services, design and color consultations, and CNC fabric and wood cutting. They have been using Time Clock MTS since 2009 and their President, Phil Vorwerk, took some time out of his week to send through an account of how they’ve used the software and the benefits they’ve seen from doing so. We started using Time Clock MTS in our business in 2009. I wanted a time clock system that would give me a summary of each employee’s hours per pay period rather than the manual time clock we had been using, which required me to enter each punch in and punch for each employee to get a total when doing payroll. Time Clock MTS has filled this need for us exactly as I had hoped, and it has scaled well as our business has grown. We have over 3 times the payroll now as compared to when we first started using the software in 2009, and we are still only using a fraction of the features that are built into the program. The reason that the software has so many extra features is that the support staff at Time Clock MTS invites and follows up on feedback from its users. They have listened to my suggestions in the past, and if they thought it would be feature that may be of use to other users they have been great about incorporating what they’ve learned into... read more

Time Clock MTS Version 5.0.3 Released

Just a short entry to note the release of Time Clock MTS Version 5.0.2 (yesterday) and Time Clock MTS Version 5.0.3 today. Version 5.0.2 added a check to stop users setting the employee badge number to “0” or “000” or any repeating number of zeros. It also fixed up an issue some users were seeing with deleted emails still displaying on some lists. And finally it addressed a mysterious bug one user was having with adding new employees. I am baffled as to what was causing this as simply rebuilding the software for him seemed to fix up the issue without any actual code changes being made. Version 5.0.3 was released today, It included one enhancement which now allows emails to be added directly from the Add/Edit Email Alert Screen. This version also escaped XML excluded characters from email alerts which was stopping some email alerts from being sent correctly. And the final change was a fix to all reports where time off (vacation or sick time) was taken on the last day of the report period. This could result in the balance of available vacation / sick time to be... read more
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