A Warning About Upgrading to Time Clock MTS Version 5

If you’re an existing user of Time Clock MTS using a version prior to Version 5 and you’re thinking about upgrading to the latest version then there’s a warning that should be considered prior to the upgrade.

The first time you run Time Clock MTS after upgrading changes are made to YOUR time clock data. After the changes are made your time clock data cannot be used with earlier versions of the software except for the last release of Version 4 which can be downloaded from the Version 4 Downgrade page.

Precaution Prior to Upgrading

Backup YOUR time clock database BEFORE upgrading. You can do this via the Time Clock MTS Tools menu or by speaking to your time clock administrator.

At least then if you decide that the latest version of our timeclock system is not for you then you can just downgrade to the earlier version and restore your time clock data backup if needed.

After Installing the Time Clock MTS Version 5 Upgrade

After you’ve installed the Time Clock MTS Version 5 Upgrade you’ll get one more chance to back out. The first time you run the software after upgrading you’ll see this screen:

Time Clock MTS Version 5 Upgrade Warning

Time Clock MTS Version 5 Upgrade Warning

If you’re happy to continue with the upgrade click the Upgrade Now button. If it all sounds a bit scary then you can click the Do Not Upgrade Now button and then head over to the Version 4 Downgrade Installers page. You can download an installer to downgrade your software back to Time Clock MTS Version 4. If you downgrade your software with these downgrade installers you’ll still be able to use the same data you had while evaluating Time Clock MTS Version 5.

I’ve Upgraded and Used Version 5 But I Want to Go Back to an Older Version

If you’ve upgraded to Version 5, tried it for a while and decided it’s not for you then that’s fine. Install the downgrades we linked to above and you can keep using your data like nothing happened.

However, if you want to install an earlier version of Time Clock MTS without using these downgrade installers (perhaps you saved your original installation files) then you’re going to have to restore the data backup you made BEFORE upgrading to Time Clock MTS Version 5. You did make a backup didn’t you?

But any data you’ve recorded in Time Clock MTS Version 5 while evaluating it will be lost.

Remember that WE DO NOT KEEP A COPY OF YOUR TIME CLOCK DATA so if you fail to backup your data prior to upgrading then you’re not going to be able to roll back to an earlier version.

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