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How to Export Payroll Reports

This Time Clock MTS How-To article explains how to export payroll reports for Time Clock MTS Version 6 and later. For earlier versions of the software read this article. It is a common requirement that payroll reports from any employee attendance or time clock tool can be exported to other programs for further data processing or distribution about the company or to external service providers. Time Clock MTS is able to export all reports to a range of different formats including PDF, HTML, Rich Text (RTF), Excel (XLS and XLSX), comma separated (CSV), plain text, and various direct image formats such as bitmaps, JPEG, and PNG. Here’s how to export a Time Clock MTS Payroll Report: Log into Time Clock MTS as the administrator or as the reports user and navigate to the Reporting->Payroll Reports menu. You’ll then be shown the Payroll Reports Configuration screen (see image at top of this page). Choose your report criteria (employees, departments, shifts, date range or job number) and one of the many payroll reports available in Time Clock MTS. Once you’re happy with the report selections click the Create Report button. Your report will be created and you’ll see a report something like that shown below: On the far right of the toolbar at the top of the report is the Export button. Click that and you’ll be given the chance to select what format you want to export your payroll report to. See the image below. You’ll see there are a number of export options. It’s simply a matter of choosing one of the options and your report will be exported... read more

Time Clock MTS Version 6.0.12 Released

Version 6.0.12 of Time Clock MTS is now available for download. It addresses what we hope is the last of the issues we’ve had with the camera system. Sadly, even though we tested the system out on a great number of different USB cameras and laptops with integrated cameras we still had users experiencing issues with their own setups and we’ve fixed these problems up as we’ve found them. For the technically inclined the latest fix is for Windows 10 machines with integrated cameras. On some W10 machines the integrated camera is disconnected from the internal USB hub from time to time, presumably due to some power saving scheme. That’s fine though because Windows fires a USB disconnected message, however, when it reconnects the camera it never fires the reconnected message and the Time Clock MTS camera system didn’t know the integrated camera was available again. We’ve managed to work around this though, no thanks to Windows not doing things the way it should. Anyway, I digress. Here’s the list of changes made to this version: Camera system now re-connects to a disconnected integrated camera correctly. The department drop down box on the Time Clock MTS Client System Settings screen now displays department names that contain non unicode (such as Cyrillic) characters properly. There were several button styling issues on the Time Clock MTS Client System Settings screen that have been resolved. Various image capture settings are now only saved when image capture is activated. Various image capture fields on the Camera Settings screen are now de-activated when the enable image capture checkbox is not... read more

Time Clock MTS Version 6.0.11 Released

Version 6.0.11 of Time Clock MTS has just been made available for download. Here are a list of the changes made: The camera system now gracefully handles the case where the chosen camera is already in use by some other process or program. Found another edge case where the camera window could potentially be behind the application window and fixed that up. It turns out that if you have a comma in your company name in Quickbooks then it wraps the name in double quotations when generating a timer list file. This broke the timer file import mechanism in Time Clock MTS. This has been fixed. Increased the size of the Verify Fingerprint screen and fixed up some styling issues on the same... read more

Time Clock MTS Version 6.0.10 Released

Version 6.0.10 of the software was released today. Changes made all focus on improvements and fixes to the new employee camera system that was introduced recently. Here’s a list of the changes made: The Image Capture Path is now set locally for each computer rather than globally. This is to ensure that all computers really are storing their employee images in the same location. For example, you might have Time Clock MTS installed on your server and that computer is storing images into the C:\Time Clock MTS\ folder. This folder is then shared to your time clock client computers who set their Image Capture Path to \\SERVER\Time Clock MTS\. Added new Hide Camera Window setting. Allows the camera window to be hidden if there is no connected camera. If there is a connected camera the window will not be hidden. Useful if you’re not using the Time Clock MTS Administrator program to punch employees in and out and you do not want the window present all the time. The saving of various camera settings has been simplified greatly and the Client and Administrator camera settings are handled much better. New check added to Options screen to prevent saving of data with an invalid Image Capture Path. Put fix in place to stop camera window from dropping into the background when the kiosk mode is activated. Fixed an issue with the camera messaging sub-system to stop multiple messages being spawned when the main time clock window was being... read more

Time Clock MTS Version 6.0.9 Released

Time Clock MTS Version 6.0.9 has been released. There’s a couple of months of work in this new release with most of our effort targeted at two main areas. First, the complete replacement of the camera system used previously with what should be a far more reliable and better supported system. The second area of focus was the elimination of delays when employees punched in or out. These delays were only seen on some computers primarily running Windows 10. We’re pretty sure we’ve identified where and how the delays were occurring and have fixed them up. A complete list of the changes can be found below: New camera and image capturing system developed to replace the existing unreliable system. This new system should perform a lot better across all Windows versions and have improved support for USB and integrated web cameras. It also offers image capture to JPG files, the ability to reduce the size of the camera window, and provides visual feedback when images are captured. Fixed up various issues on the employee maintenance screens when cancelling out changes and not all employee data was entered correctly. Fixed up some inconsistencies in the decimal places of various sick time and vacation time accrual values. If checking the time from an internet time server on software startup fails users are now given the opportunity to re-check without having to re-start the software. Various program settings are now cached on software start rather than re-checked while the software is running. Aimed to eliminate delays some users were seeing when punching in or out. Fixed an error that was being thrown... read more

Use the Employee List with Barcode Scanners, Magnetic Card or RFID Readers – Method 1

This post details the first way that the Employee List Interface of Time Clock MTS can be used with some sort of data reader (such as a barcode scanner, magnetic card reader, or RFID reader). This method relies on badges, bar codes, or RFID fobs being encoded with the employee name and a couple of other characters. Badge Format You must be able to print your barcodes, or encode your magnetic cards or RFID badges to a standard format for them to function with Time Clock MTS while it is operating with the Employee List Interface.  The required format begins with the standard = character, is followed by each letter of the employee’s full name  set on the Employee Information screen, and then concluded with the + character. Thus, an employee with the name Hardy, Frank would need to be encoded as: =Hardy, Frank+ While an employee with the full name Bob Jones would need to be encoded as: =Bob Jones+ Clocking In and Out Clocking in and out is simply a matter of encoding your barcode, magnetic cards, or RFID fob or badges as described above for each employee in Time Clock MTS. Once you’ve done that, plug the device into your computer and ensure it’s working correctly. You’ll need to make sure it’s either plugged into the keyboard port on the PC or in the case of a USB device make sure your “software wedge” is installed. To test if things are working correctly start up Windows Notepad and make sure it is the active Windows application. Scan your properly encoded employee barcode, card, or RFID badge... read more