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New Reports in Version 6.1.1 of Time Clock MTS

The release of version 6.1.1 of Time Clock MTS included a couple of brand new reports. One is aimed at users of the job tracking system, the other useful for working out what employees have (and have not) worked during a given time period. Job Labor Breakdown Report If your business tracks time employees spend on jobs, whether that be because you charge your customers to perform those jobs, or because you simply like to know what your employees are working on then the cost of labor is a key piece of information you need to know. The new Job Labor Breakdown Report produces a single table of information showing the time worked on each active job in in Time Clock MTS. The report further breaks the time down into normal hours, OT1 hours and OT2 hours. You can see an example of the report below. This information was certainly available previously in Time Clock MTS, albeit in a much more verbose fashion via the Job Cost Report. However, we’re sure you’ll agree that the new Job Labor Breakdown Report gives a more concise summary of your real job labor costs. Active in Period Report It can be useful as an employer to be able to quickly determine who has (or has not) worked during a given period. This might be to determine eligibility for public holidays, to help even out shift work hours, or to simply determine the size of your workforce during a given time period. The new Active in Period simply checks to see if an employee has or has not recorded any time during the... read more

Why are Public Holidays not Working?

One question we get asked occasionally is from users wanting to use Public Holidays in Time Clock MTS. They setup their holidays using the Tools->Options->Holidays screen, run a payroll report for the time period the holiday should apply, but cannot see that the holiday has been paid to the employee. There are three reasons that this might be the case:   The most common reason is that employee is not setup to get paid holidays. Each employee must be setup to get paid holidays by checking the Allow for Paid Holidays checkbox on each employee’s Payroll Information screen. The employee hire date (set on the Employee Information screen) falls AFTER the date on which the the holiday occurs. So, if for example your employees get paid for the 4th of July and an employee has their hire date set to 10 July then they will not get paid for the preceding July 4th holiday. The last reason isn’t actually a reason, it’s a mis-interpretation of the payroll reports. Time Clock MTS does not add time punches for public holidays, so if you’re running (for example) a Punchcard Report you won’t see a time punch for the July 4th Holiday. What you will see is holiday hours broken out in the Payroll Information (or Summary) section of the report. See below for an example of what this might look... read more

Last Person Out Message

Whether you’re a store, a doctor’s practise, a dentist, a mechanic, or a factory you need to make sure your alarm is armed each day, the back door is locked, your POS system is shut down, and (of course) the lights are switched off. Recently an astute user of Time Clock MTS suggested that the software could help him make sure that all those routine end-of-day tasks that each and every business needs actually get done. How? By showing the last person to punch out a message. Great idea we thought, so we’ve gone ahead and implemented what we’re calling the Last Person Out Message. Setting the Last Person Out Message The Last Person Out Message is set on the Display Settings screen. See the image below and look for the Last Person Out Message text box. Showing the Last Person Out Message Display of the Last Person Out Message is simple, the last person who punches out will be shown the message. See what that looks like below: Be aware that EVERY time the last person punches out this message will be shown, so it could be shown multiple times a day, not just once. That’s all there is to it, make use of the Time Clock MTS Last Person Out Message to remind your employees of tasks that need to be completed when you’re closing up for the day. It really couldn’t be much... read more

Employee List Messages

We’ve spoken previously about using Time Clock MTS as an Employee In/Out Board. Using it this way is particularly useful for two main reasons, firstly, your employees will know at a glance if someone is currently at work or not, and secondly, in the case of an evacuation due to fire or other emergency you can easily print a list of employees that are at work. However, what happens if an employee is punched in but they are on vacation and you need to know when they are back? Or what if there is an emergency and an employee is punched in but they are off-site doing a client visit or attending a training course? To handle that situation we’ve got a system called Employee List Messages. These are neat little messages that can be displayed next to an employee’s name if you’re using the Employee List Interface. Those same messages will also be displayed on the Employee Status Report which can be printed quickly in the event of an emergency. Above you can see what employee list messages might look like in action. Note that Frank Hardy has a message next to his name as does Melissa Minh. You’ll see those same messages next to to the employee names when you print the Employee Status Report. Entering Employee List Messages Employee List Messages are controlled from the Time Clock MTS Administrator software from the Tools->Employee List Messages menu. You must be logged in as the administrator to access the menu. Above you can see the Employee List Messages screen annotated to explain what the toolbar buttons do. Adding... read more

Time Clock MTS Version 6.1.1 Released

We’ve just uploaded Time Clock MTS Version 6.1.1. This constitutes a major release and includes a number of new features, enhancements to existing features, and several bug fixes. There will be a a series of posts focusing on individual new features in coming days and weeks but this post will cover all the changes in a broader fashion. New Features Administrators can now display a message next to an employee’s name on the employee list. For example, their location if they are working off-site, or perhaps showing the day they are due back from vacation. Employee list messages are controlled from the Tools->Employee List Messages screen. A message can now be displayed to the last employee who punches out. The last person out message is configured on the Tools->Options->Display Settings screen. The Job Labor Breakdown Report has been added. This report gives an easy-to-understand tabular summary showing the time breakdown for each job. Time is broken down by normal hours, OT1, Weekly OT, and OT2. The Active in Period Report has been added. This report simply shows which employees have recorded time (or not) during the report period. When the administrator is manually punching employees in or out using the Edit Times screen they can now set a time for the event rather than just defaulting to the current time. So, if for example, a group of employees has forgotten to punch out in the afternoon the time clock admin can punch them out and set the time to their normal end of day. Check boxes have been added next to employee names on the Edit Times screen. Checked... read more

Post a Review of Time Clock MTS Online

We’re always interested to hear what users of Time Clock MTS have got to say about the software. When we receive a review or testimonial we post it over on our customer reviews page. Other people have posted up reviews via online review sites, which is always great as it helps get the word out about Time Clock MTS. If you’re feeling like you want to share your experiences (good or bad) with Time Clock MTS with the world at large then we’d love it if you posted a review online. There’s a number of ways you can do this, but we suggest one of the following methods: Post a Review on Capterra – the biggest business software review site. Review Time Clock MTS on CrowdReviews – a great community driven software review site. Post a review on Download.Com – the original and still the biggest software download site. Post your opinions of Time Clock MTS on your own website, Facebook page, LinkedIn, or some other form of social media. Share your thoughts with us on our Google+ page or our Facebook page. If you’re wondering what other people have had to say about Time Clock MTS use the slider below to look through all of them: Great product, very easy to use. MTS time sheets software performs just what I need for my small business. I really enjoy the email alerts about employees clocking in and out. Offers peace of mind. The fact it will send payroll reports direct to excel makes accounting a breeze. Highly recommended. Works so well haven’t needed customer service but, it is nice... read more
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