Time Clock MTS Version 6.0.9 Released

Time Clock MTS Version 6.0.9 has been released. There’s a couple of months of work in this new release with most of our effort targeted at two main areas. First, the complete replacement of the camera system used previously with what should be a far more reliable and better supported system. The second area of focus was the elimination of delays when employees punched in or out. These delays were only seen on some computers primarily running Windows 10. We’re pretty sure we’ve identified where and how the delays were occurring and have fixed them up.

A complete list of the changes can be found below:

  • New camera and image capturing system developed to replace the existing unreliable system. This new system should perform a lot better across all Windows versions and have improved support for USB and integrated web cameras. It also offers image capture to JPG files, the ability to reduce the size of the camera window, and provides visual feedback when images are captured.
  • Fixed up various issues on the employee maintenance screens when cancelling out changes and not all employee data was entered correctly.
  • Fixed up some inconsistencies in the decimal places of various sick time and vacation time accrual values.
  • If checking the time from an internet time server on software startup fails users are now given the opportunity to re-check without having to re-start the software.
  • Various program settings are now cached on software start rather than re-checked while the software is running. Aimed to eliminate delays some users were seeing when punching in or out.
  • Fixed an error that was being thrown if the Length of Work Week on the Payroll Settings screen was cleared and the changes saved.
  • Signature Block no longer appears twice in some reports.
  • Images are now captured correctly if set to capture on “Clock in and Clock Out”.
  • Added extra data logging to the database backup functionality to understand why some users are getting an error when attempting to back their data file up.
  • Fixed up some button styling issues when employee punches fail due to the system clock being changed or an internet time server check failure.
  • Some extra data logging has been added to the punch in / out procedures to try to determine where delays are occurring.

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