Time Clock MTS Version 6.0.10 Released

Version 6.0.10 of the software was released today. Changes made all focus on improvements and fixes to the new employee camera system that was introduced recently. Here’s a list of the changes made:

  • The Image Capture Path is now set locally for each computer rather than globally. This is to ensure that all computers really are storing their employee images in the same location. For example, you might have Time Clock MTS installed on your server and that computer is storing images into the C:\Time Clock MTS\ folder. This folder is then shared to your time clock client computers who set their Image Capture Path to \\SERVER\Time Clock MTS\.
  • Added new Hide Camera Window setting. Allows the camera window to be hidden if there is no connected camera. If there is a connected camera the window will not be hidden. Useful if you’re not using the Time Clock MTS Administrator program to punch employees in and out and you do not want the window present all the time.
  • The saving of various camera settings has been simplified greatly and the Client and Administrator camera settings are handled much better.
  • New check added to Options screen to prevent saving of data with an invalid Image Capture Path.
  • Put fix in place to stop camera window from dropping into the background when the kiosk mode is activated.
  • Fixed an issue with the camera messaging sub-system to stop multiple messages being spawned when the main time clock window was being re-sized.

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