Time Clock MTS Version 3.1.1 Released

I’ve just uploaded a new version of Time Clock MTS which includes a bunch of new features and a couple of important bug fixes. The biggest improvement to the system is an employee tip tracking system. This will be the subject of a couple of subsequent blog posts and probably an animated time clock demonstration. The total list of changes to V3.1.1 can be found below:

  • The punchcard and job punchcard reports now display the full notes entered by employees.
  • The employee accrual start date now defaults to the date that the employee record was created.
  • A button with a star graphic has been added to the Enter Job Code screen. Clicking this pops up a screen listing all Job Codes allowing employees to select one easily. Not sure what I’m talking about? Try taking a look at the Job Tracking Time Clock page for more information.
  • A new setting has been added to the Security Settings screen. The setting, Auto Logout Administrator (5 Minutes Idle) causes the administrator account to be automatically logged out when the computer is idle for 5 minutes.
  • Employee tip tracking system added. Turned on via a the Enable Tip Tracking setting on the Interface Settings screen. This allows employees clocking in and out via the Employee List Interface to enter their tips via the Tips button. New screens have been added to manage tips, add tips, edit tips, and delete tips.
  • Added the employee tip diary report. This report is a close copy of the IRS 4070A Employee Tip Diary form.
  • Added the employee tip diary summary report. This is a close copy of the IRS 4070 Employee Report of Tips to Employer form.
  • Added some new settings to the timeclock.ini file to allow people to manually set the driver used for MS SQL Server or MySQL database connections. To be used with caution.
  • The Time Breakdown Report now has an employee total time column.
  • Put a new fix/handler in place for Time Clock MTS users who experience network drop outs.
  • A fix has been put in place for a very rare error on the Add/Edit Shifts screen.
  • Fixed an obscure bug the employee list view when only disabled employees were defined.
  • Fixed a problem with employees that were disabled still being credited with holidays.
  • Fixed a problem with the report screen where sometimes the last report generated could be displayed instead of the current one.
  • Fixed a layout problem on the time breakdown report for employees Full Names less than 10 characters.

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